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This week in tech the UK PM pledges £15m to help Commonwealth countries strengthen cybersecurity, GitHub launches learning and training lab for developers, Facebook’s new terms will exclude billions from European privacy laws, an NHS website was defaced by hackers and Apple has a new iPhone-recycling robot.
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PM pledges £15m to help Commonwealth countries strengthen cybersecurity

Amid claims that Russian state-sponsored actors are targeting millions of internet users, Theresa May has announced that she will pledge £15m to help Commonwealth countries strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities, in order to block criminal groups and hostile actors which pose a global threat to security.

Click here to read more about the PM’s pledge to strengthen commonwealth cyber-security
(UKTN) 18/04/2018


GitHub launches learning and training lab for developers

Yesterday GitHub, an online community for developers launched their GitHub Learning Lab a programme designed to help developers learn new skills without having to leave GitHub. As well as learning new skills the lab will also help developers apply those skills to the software development platform.

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(SDTimes) 19/04/2018


Facebook to exclude billions from European privacy laws

Facebook has been in the news a lot recently due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but this week it is under further scrutiny following its announcement that it will be changing its terms of service. The changes will mean that 1.5 billion members will not be protected under the new privacy regulations coming to Europe. This move on terms comes just after the firm were faced with a series of questions from lawmakers and regulators over the handling of its data.

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(BBC News) 19/04/2018

NHS website is defaced by hackers

An NHS website, that hosts data from patient surveys was defaced by a hacker “AnoaGhost” and read the message “hacked by AnoaGhost- Typical Idiot Security”. The defacement was spotted by a cyber-security expert on Tuesday afternoon, and after tweeting a screenshot of the site, the message was later removed.

Click here to read more about the hack of the NHS website
(BBC) 18/04/2018


Meet Apple’s new iPhone-recycling robot, Daisy.

Ahead of Earth Day, Apple has debuted a new robot named Daisy that can take apart iPhones in order to recover valuable materials inside. Daisy is able to take apart nine different versions of the iPhone, and it can disassemble up to 200 iPhones an hour. The debut of Daisy comes after Apple’s recent announcement that it is now powered by 100 percent or renewable energy worldwide.

Click here to read more about the iPhone-Recycling robot
(The Verge) 19/04/2018


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