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This week in tech Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress, an FDA approved AI software that can identify disease, UK suppresses ISIS propaganda with a cyber attack, 3.3 Million Dutch passwords viewable on an online search engine and Santander launchesBlockchain-based international transfers.
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Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

This week CEO of Facebook was in the Washington hot seat, explaining to senators of Congress how the social networking site collects and handles its users’ personal information. Mark Zuckerberg testified following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and sought to pacify lawmakers by stating he would be open to some sort of regulation in a bid to protect the privacy of the billions of users of Facebook. With Mark looking like he’d be anywhere else, the recording of the awkward grilling of Facebook’s CEO obviously inspired endless memes on social media.

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(Recode) 11/04/2018


FDA approved AI software that can identify disease

IDx-DR is a new AI-based diagnostic device that is said to make its own decisions without any specialised doctor’s help or confirmation, a first for an AI based software that has been approved by the FDA. The software works by detecting a specific disease through analysing the retina images of patients. In a clinical trial of 900 sample images the AI algorithm successfully detected disease amid 87% of the patients.

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(The Verge) 11/04/2018



UK launches cyber-attack against ISIS propaganda 

At the Cyber UK conference in Manchester GCHQ announced that the UK has conducted an offensive “cyber campaign” against Islamic State, which has diminished the group’s ability to coordinate attacks and suppressed its propaganda. This is the first time the UK has analytically tarnished an opponent’s online efforts in a military campaign and the GCHQ director announced that the campaign shows how targeted and effective offensive cyber can be.

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(BBC) 12/04/2018



3.3 Million Dutch passwords viewable on an online search engine

3.3 million emails and passwords of Dutch people can be found easily via a special online search engine. These exposed details belong to employees of mainly large Dutch organisations, companies and government institutions and all can be found in one database. This database is said to contain a total of 1.4 billion email addresses and passwords from around the world and the personal information likely came from large data leaks over the past years. One thing to remember here… don’t use the same password for everything.

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(NLTimes) 06/04/2018


Santander launchesBlockchain-based international transfers

Santander is introducing a Blockchain based international money transfer system that UK customers can use starting from today. Now customers are able to complete international transfers within the same or next day with the new Ripple-based service. The plan is to add further currencies and destinations around the world to the service in the coming months with the aim to expand to small businesses.

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(City A.M)  12/04/2018


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