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This week in our technology news roundup Google releases the first developer preview of Android P, there is still a need to fund more female tech entrepreneurs, the use of digital-only start-up banks is declining in the UK and Apple employees are getting injured by walking into the all-glass headquarters.
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Android P developer preview released

Google has announced the first developer preview of its upcoming operating system and baseline build for developers, Android P. The new system is focused on strengthening security, privacy and performance including restricting access to mic, camera and all SensorManager sensors from idle apps for privacy.

Read more about the new Android P release here
(SD Times) 08/03/2018


More funding needed for women in tech

On International Women’s Day, a partner at investment firm LocalGlobe has highlighted the need to fund more female tech entrepreneurs. Suzanne Ashman says that “London is changing, and the venture capital world must also change with it” She goes on to mention the incredible diversity of the city is one of the main reasons that the tech sector has thrived but “amongst that diversity there has to be a place for female founders to succeed too.”

Read more about the need to fund more women in tech here
(UKTN) 08/03/2018


UK use of digital-only banks is declining  

It seems us Brits are going off the idea of trusting our finances in digital-only start-up banks according to a survey by RFI Group. The survey has found that 78% of Brits that said they would use an app-only start-up bank last year has fallen to 54% this year. The survey included over 2,000 people from the UK and said the group made up a “nationally representative sample of the banked population”.

Read more about the decline in use of digital-only start-up banks here
(UK Business Insider) 05/03/2018


Apple’s employees keep walking into the glass doors of its new headquarters

Whilst birds flying into glass windowed offices may be an occupational hazard for many office buildings, it would seem that at Apple’s new $5bn headquarters, the employees are the ones falling the same fate. According to a transcript of one of three 911 calls made in January Apple employees have been walking into the huge, curved glass windows and doors at the new campus.

Read more about Apple’s new headquarters here
(City AM) 06/03/2018


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