International Women’s Day 2018: Who inspires you?


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We’ve been striving towards gender equality for some time now and with two new hires, Eligo is now over 50% female. That’s some feat in a generally male-dominated industry. Across many businesses in the UK, there is great work being done to redress the imbalance in gender equality within the workplace, yet more can still be done.

Today around the world people are celebrating International Women’s Day and as it’s a global celebration that aims to inspire women worldwide we asked our fellow Eligoids ‘who is the most inspirational woman to you?’.

(Picture, right: some of our inspired and inspiring Eligoids)


Claudia Mignemi – SAP Recruitment Resourcer

I will certainly say the woman who inspired me is my grandmother Giovanna. She was a very driven and strong woman who had 7 children, managed to survive to the Second World War and lived ‘til she was 94! She had many health issues, (got diabetes at 42 when my dad was born and lost her sight) and even with one of her sons having a very bad illness she always faced it with strength and a brave heart.

She was a teacher and used to work for over 50 years in a country in which women didn’t used to work and earn a salary, as back then women were used to staying indoors and taking care of the family and not known for having a higher education or earning a degree.

I certainly learnt from my Grandmother to speak out for myself, to be open minded (hopefully) and to listen and probably talk a lot ! This helps in my job, so I can listen to what people want and were they want to be in the future and to measure how driven they are, also to be patient with them (she was extremely patient!).


Rick Deller – Head of Technology Division (London and West Midlands)

The woman who inspires me most is my mother.  She is a woman who taught me values and how to keep going with whatever you must deal with, that strength of character can get you through.

She has had 14 full hip operations and yet it doesn’t stop her getting on with life and her attitude has taught me that life should be enjoyed, and nothing should stop that.

She taught me right from wrong how to treat people, and she has been the biggest influence in my life and seeing her struggle but keep going installed a drive in me which has helped me in my recruitment career.


Karolina Samsel – Fire and Security Projects Administrator

Dr Amy Caddy is an inspirational woman to me as after a terrible car accident she was told that she would never be as fit and able and smart as she’d been before, but despite all that her determination led her to finish college and she started research into understanding the relation between our bodies and our mind.

Her Ted talk ‘Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are’ can be used as great advice for interviewing candidates as she presents (and explains) techniques to feel more confident and with that comes the success!


Guy Wilkinson – Events Sales Director

One of my former colleagues here at Eligo!

Lisa Armstrong worked at Eligo Recruitment between 2007 and 2012, leaving to start her company Ugogo. She’s now not only the founder and CEO of the Ugogo, but it is a multi-award and Publicis 90 winning company all inspired by the work of her Grandmother.

Ugogo is an ecommerce platform designed for people without bank accounts, with the idea of expanding the traditional marketplace for entrepreneurial men and women in Africa who at times can earn as little as $1USD per day.

Lisa inspires me because she has followed her dream and is working hard to achieve this, never give up and you shall succeed


Vicky Bodhani – Senior Manager

Interestingly I don’t particularly have any single woman who has inspired me other than my own mum probably because she’s my mum! She inspires me still even now at 70 year old because she is strong, confident, compassionate and knows how to enjoy life.

Most importantly, she always let me believe I could do anything I put my mind to, whether it was playing in the all-boys football team, travel the world on my own, or resign from my secure and stable job because it didn’t make me happy.

220px-Good_Night_Stories_for_Rebel_Girls_Volume_1_CoverIt is sad that I have not been more inspired by the amazing women that have been so influential in the world perhaps because I simply did not hear enough about them?

Now I am a mother myself I am inspired by my 5 year old daughter because she believes she can do anything she puts her mind to! She loves to read ‘goodnight stories for rebel girls’ and delights in imagining what her entry in the book will be when she is grown up; a writer, musician, astronaut, activist, anthropologist, politician!

The content of the book is inspirational but it’s success (with my daughter and in 30 different countries) is its route to publication through Kickstarter and over 1 million copies sold shows how different my daughters experience of the world will be from my own as a child. I hope she still names me as an inspiration when she is ‘grown up’ but I hope she has many more names that leap from her mind too!


Anne Rooke – Senior Mac OSX and Technical Recruitment Consultant

It has to be Emmeline Pankhurst and by default all the women who supported and worked with her at a time when they were really risking so much by doing so. Sticking your head above the parapet as a passionate feminist and women’s activist in those days was ground-breaking and even better that she did it with the support of her husband too sticking up for the rights of the women in late 19th century and early 20th century. After she lost her husband, she teamed up with her three daughters and formed ‘The Women’s Social and Political Union’ – best known as the suffragettes (women’s right to vote) – what a role model!


Chloe Pearson – Marketing Executive

I am inspired by 20-year-old Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist for female education who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban on her way back from taking a school exam. Despite being shot in the head for trying to gain an education, Malala went on to be a prominent education activist and founded her own non-profit organisation that funds education for those living in remote areas.

Malala is inspiring not only for her bravery following her attack but also her continued fight for every child to have the right to an education.


Aleks Dimitrova – Operational Manager

Frida Kahlo is inspirational to me as an eccentric, strong, not only talented but also politically active and a civil rights activist. Despite unfortunately being mostly known as “someone’s wife” throughout her entire life, her talent and determination paved a path and she became one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. She used her own sadness, life difficulties and marriage misfortunes to create beautiful and inspirational art.


From the recent #metoo movement against male harassment empowering women in the US to last year’s #whereismyname campaign created by Afghan women (calling and identifying a woman in public by her first name is taboo), women worldwide are continuing to speak out about inequality and gender bias in workplaces and cultures across the world inspiring others for change.

Here at Eligo we will continue to do everything we can to ensure not only gender equality in numbers but that the practices, policies, and workplace culture we have created here instils an environment that women can inspire, be inspired, and continue to forge new paths for our staff, those we work with, and individuals in every aspect of our lives.

Based on the responses above, we’re excited to see what the future brings.


Who inspires you? Let us know!

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