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This week in our Technology industry news round-up we cover Google’s new patent agreement with China, the UK and France collaborate on Artificial Intelligence, GhostTeam Android Malware is after your Facebook account and Bitcoin falls over 50%, compared to its peak before Christmas.
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Google announces new licensing agreement with Chinese tech giant

Despite being blocked in China, Google is attempting to enhance its presence in the country through a patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese tech giant Tencent. This will be a long-term agreement and looks to be just the start for Google, with further plans of an AI lab in Beijing and venture into steaming service Chushou.

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(City.A.M.) 19/01/2018



British and French aim to strengthen ties in tech through AI collaboration

UK and France have announced their plans to join forces and collaborate on Artificial Intelligence, data, cyber security, digital government and skills. With this, they hope to promote further integration in the digital economy and this news follows the launch of an alliance between Imperial College London and the French National Centre for Scientific Research to strengthen academic studies supporting AI. This is good news for AI research and could play a part in tackling the issue of the AI skills gap

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(UKTech) 19/01/2018



GhostTeam Android Malware is after your Facebook account

53 Android apps have been found to distribute malware that steals your Facebook login details. GhostTeam has been disguising itself in the official Android marketplace as utility apps and more and may have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of unwitting victims. It’s not clear yet why the attackers are after Facebook accounts, but researchers are suggesting it could be used to mine cryptocurrency or use it as a platform to spread fake news.

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(ZDNet) 18/01/2018



Bitcoin falls over 50%, compared to its peak before Christmas

It seems like ages ago that back in December 2017 Bitcoin came close to the $20,000 mark, but now in January, it has traded below $10,000 for the first time since. With other cryptocurrencies experiencing steep falls, experts have suggested that the bubble forming around the cryptocurrency market was caused by casual investors jumping on the bandwagon of an asset they did not fully understand.

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(BBC Technology) 17/01/2018


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