Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 19/01/2018


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover top video surveillance trends for 2018, the tension between security and privacy, threats posed by cyber attacks against critical infrastructure and more…


We’d love to take our news round-up to the next level this year and provide something for the whole of the security and fire industry, as well as throwing some of our own insight and expert advice. Do let us know your comments on the news round-ups and anything you’d like to read in the coming weeks.


2018 top video surveillance trends

IHS Markit analysts provide their informed predictions for the global video surveillance market in the new year. New trends continue to change the way consumers, businesses and machines interact, while also spurring the next revolution in security industry growth. From artificial intelligence and deep learning to advances in privacy protection, far-reaching video-surveillance innovations are cropping up around the world.

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(Security World Market, 18/01/2018)

 “Big brother is watching you” – privacy vs security

Some privacy advocates and regulators fear that security tools and methods that track a person’s computing activities or location will lead to such a dystopian future.  Security advocates feel the “greater good” is better served through these tools. The tension between security and privacy is not new. Security tools by their very nature need to monitor and inspect users’ and machines’ computing activities. Our work environments lie somewhere in between private and public, and have additional interests to protect other than our own.

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(Security Week, 15/01/2018)

Cyberattacks & critical infrastructure

We probably take critical infrastructure for granted in our day-to-day living. However, as critical infrastructure are managed by computerized systems this makes them vulnerable to cyberattack. As a direct consequence, this makes us as a society vulnerable too. The rapid gains that technology has made into everyday living has also changed how the security industry operates, physical security has moved from being very simple inputs and outputs, to being always-connected devices making it very much part of the IoT world. But how does physical security protect itself from cyber vulnerabilities?

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(Security News Desk, 15/01/2018)

Chinese-made surveillance cameras removed from US Army base

According to The Wall Street Journal, The U.S. Army has removed security cameras manufactured by a company largely owned by the Chinese government from a military base in Missouri. The move came after The Journal reported on the prevalence of devices made by Hikvision. Col. Christopher Beck, the chief of staff at Fort Leonard Wood, told The Journal the Army never believed the cameras were a security risk, but decided to remove them to “remove any negative perception” surrounding the products. Removed were not used to surveil high-security areas but were used to view roads and parking lots.

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(The Hill, 15/01/2018)

Fire Safety and Security in the Aviation Sector

EUSAS and Euralarm will organise the second edition of the EUSAS-Euralarm Conference, with a theme of ‘Fire Safety and Security in the Aviation Sector’. The event will be hosted by Airbus and will take place at the Airbus facilities in Bremen, Germany, on July 10th and 11th, 2018. The conference will focus on fire safety and security in aircraft and airports, as well as the safety of travelers. It will bring together academics, innovators, executives and researchers from the European and US Aviation Industry, as well as from the Fire and Security Industry.

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(Security World Market, 17/01/2018)


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