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Christmas is now coming to a close and with it, the end of 2017 is also nearing. So this week instead of our regular tech news roundup we’ve compiled our top technology news articles from across 2017.  This includes the WannaCry cyber-attack, Bitcoin and Blockchain to the UK budget, AI and Uber.




WannaCry Ransomware attack

There have been many data hacks in 2017 from Yahoo (again) to Equifax but the widest spreading hack that caused chaos from Russia to UK, US, France and Spain was down to WanaCry Ransomware back in May 2017. More than 200,000 computers in 150,000 countries were affected, from government systems and health organisations to private company systems. The ransomware targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin breaks through to $16,000

With Google revealing the fourth most searched term of 2017 being “What is bitcoin?” it would seem that interest and investment in cryptocurrency has increased in 2017. With the cyber currency Bitcoin breaking through to $16,000 on the Thursday 7th of December – making long time and new investors very happy indeed.

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Sophia becomes the first AI robot citizen 

This year Saudi Arabia was the first country to bestow citizenship on a humanoid named Sophia. Would Sophia’s citizenship hold up in court in some strange future legal precedent that will come back to haunt us 10 years from now?

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Making strides in AI 

I’m not sure why or how giving a humanoid citizenship will help us humans, but at least this year AI has been tested for some other more useful causes; from Durham police using AI to help with custody decisions to cancer cells being detected more accurately with artificial intelligence.



2017 Budget announced £540m towards the growth of electric cars

In the UK, according to the latest budget announced by Phillip Hammond, it is estimated that driverless cars will be on the roads by 2021 as the government plans to invest over £540m towards the growth of electric cars which is trailblazing the way for driverless technology.

Find out more about the UK budget and what it means for tech here



An annus horribilis for Uber 

From a new CEO following the controversy surrounding accounts of sexism and poor HR, and covered up security breaches to a possible licence ban in London. – A breach exposed details of 57 million customers and drivers, but Uber did not tell anyone about the breach and paid a ransom to hackers to delete the data. Aside from the breach Uber also at risk of losing its private hire operator licence, as TFL concluded “Uber London Limited is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence’, Uber is still running in London but we will have to wait until 2018 to see how long it will last.

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Could recruiters soon be redundant?

A third of job seekers would take career advice from a robot. A new report from the job board Indeed has found that approximately a third of job seekers would take career advice from a robot. For younger jobseekers, half of (48%) under 35 believe that automation will help make recruitment less biased and as many as a third (36%) think removing humans entirely from the process will solve the problem.

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