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In the latest technology news roundup Bitcoin hits a record high and broke through $16,000, EU issues a warning over extremist content, a report finds citizen developers build apps faster than IT and Uber’s licence is suspended in Sheffield. 



It’s snow joke, Bitcoin broke through to $16,000 on Thursday

Bitcoin flew past the $16,000 on Thursday afternoon, rising to over more than $2,000 in nine hours and passing $12,000 for the first time. This surge in price has led some analyst to label it a bubble, though there are questions around just when it might pop. The cryptocurrency is famed for its volatility: yesterday, it dropped by about $500 in three minutes before jumping back up to where it started again.

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EU issues warning over extremist content

The European Commission has told tech giants such as Facebook, Google, YouTube to amp their efforts to counteract the propagation of extremist content if they don’t want to be subject to regulation. On Wednesday EU security commissioner Julian King said: “We are not there yet. We are two years down the road of this journey: to reach our final destination we now to speed up our work.”

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Report finds, citizen developers build apps faster than IT

A newly released report from Kintone found that no-code solutions and citizen developers are becoming more prevalent in the software development industry, with 76 percent of respondents reporting that at least a portion of their apps are developed outside of IT. Twenty percent of executives also reported a majority of their apps are completely developed outside of IT. Not only are more citizen developers building applications, but according to 34 percent of respondents, citizen developers get their apps out of the door faster than large IT departments.

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Uber’s licence suspended in British city of Sheffield

Uber’s licence to operate in Sheffield was suspended last Friday by the City Council after it failed to respond to requests about the management of its taxi app. Uber will be able to operate until the 18th of December and can appeal the decision. If it does, it will be able to continue running until the appeal is heard. Next week, Uber will head to court in London to defend its right to operate in the capital.

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