Technology News Roundup 10/11/2017


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In the technology news roundup, this week testing for iOS proves to be more of a challenge for developers, a self-driving shuttle crashes on its first day on the road, research shows how technology will transform software development in 2018 and 
​UK bulk spying is challenged in EU court of human rights. 




Testing for iOS 11 is more of a challenge for developers

As customers get their hands on the latest and greatest tech, developers face ongoing pressure to keep their solutions up to date with constantly evolving form factors and devices. Earlier this month, Apple released the latest version of its iPhone, iPhone X, and now developers are scrambling to support the new phone and operating system as well as account for all the new features.

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A self-driving shuttle crashed on its first day on the road

Things don’t always run smoothly when it comes to technology, especially when that technology is the kind that’s doing things by itself without human intervention, it turns out. The test of Navya and Keolis self-driving vehicle was de-railed after one of its autonomous pods crashed on its very first day. The vehicle collided with a lorry while carrying several passengers in Las Vegas where the shuttles are meant to be zipping up and down its famous strip.

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How technology will transform software development in 2018

These days every company out there is in the software business, fast, iterative delivery of high-quality software means better customer engagement and higher satisfaction. But according to Forrester Research, next year will bring a new set of opportunities and challenges for software development leaders as software technologies and platforms pivot into new areas where traditional skills, programming metaphors and delivery processes no longer apply.

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UK bulk spying challenge in EU court of human rights

Legal representatives of the UK government faced a raft of questions today for judges sitting in the European Court of Human Rights hearing a challenge to intelligence agencies’ bulk data collection practices brought by a coalition of civil human rights campaigners. The challenge addresses whether UK’s bulk communications interception program interferes with fundamental rights under the EU Convention of Human Rights.

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