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In the technology news roundup this week Google announces Gmail add-ons for developers, US and UK governments are in talks about a data sharing plan, a new law in Hawaii fines people who text and walk while crossing the road and WhatsApp’s privacy laws have come under fresh scrutiny.



Google announces Gmail add-ons for developers

Google wants Gmail to be more than just a place where users receive and send emails. The company is announcing new tools that will allow users to do more from their inbox. The Google G Suite team is releasing Gmail add-ons, a new extensibility framework for developers, and ten ready to use enterprise integrations. Add-ons enable developers to add app functionality directly into Gmail and have it run natively on the web and on Android with iOS support coming soon.

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US and UK Governments in talks about data-sharing plan

According to Financial Times reports, a new proposed deal to help counteract terrorism and serious crime could result in greater collaboration between parties in the UK and the US. The agreement would require tech companies based in either country to provide information requested by law enforcement agencies. The UK Home Office has said “Since 2015, the UK has been working with the US government, and representatives from US technology companies, on a proposed UK-US bilateral data access agreement that would allow companies in one country to comply with lawful orders for electronic communications from the other”. This data-sharing plan would hinge on laws being changed in the US.

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(UKTN) 24/10/2017


Heads up: Text while crossing the road in Honolulu and you pay a penalty fine

It’s said we check our phones at least 85 times a day and now the city of Honolulu in Hawaii has decided to take action against a serious scourge of modern-day life: texting while crossing the road. The new law which came in to force on Wednesday means that anyone caught crossing the road and sending text messages at the same time will have to pay a fine of $35. The councillor who proposed the bill said it was a “milestone” in legislation when it comes to safety, speaking to the New York Times.

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WhatsApp? You still don’t get EU privacy laws, that’s WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s privacy policies have come under fresh scrutiny from the European Union’s data protection regulators, who say the Facebook-owned business has failed to smarten up its act. The Article 29 Working Party, which comprises data regulators from EU nations and the EU itself, believes that WhatsApp’s latest terms and conditions are at odds with the Union’s data protection laws.

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(The Register) 26/10/2017



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