Need a specialist recruitment agency? Here’s 3 reasons why they won’t be able to help


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Imagine you’ve got a steaming, fly-ridden bin-bag, full to the brim. It stinks. It’s a massive hassle. You’ve tried to rid of it yourself, but it’s proven a nightmare. The Local County Council have done what they absolutely do best and have been no help whatsoever. Sharon from Complaints has definitely made it worse. The bag breaks and leaks every time you pick it up and you have neither the time nor the patience! There is, of course, the underlying fact that you just don’t really want to bloody do it.

Whether you like it or not, you’ve got a problem that you need solving – time to call for help?

A-ha! Phone a specialist.

“I have this bag of rubbish, it absolutely stinks and it’s been sitting here far too long now. I can’t get rid of it, I’ve got enough on my plate as it is. I need your help. What’s in it you say? Well, I don’t even really know myself. How heavy you ask? Well, why is that relevant? No, no, no I don’t have the time to tell you where it is! Can’t you just come over and search for it? There are only 128 places it could possibly be.”

Ok…take that with a major grain of salt. But what a load of rubbish!

Let’s relate this to your position as a business owner, hiring manager, or HR advisor:

You’ve been struggling to fill a role yourself or using your local recruitment agencies who don’t really know the market but gave it a stab in the dark. And missed. Terribly. In fact, somebody is missing an eye now.

You need to find someone to help you out.

Your PSL (if you use one) has gone AWOL in your darkest hour.

You go to reach out to your network on Linkedin but delete what you’ve written before you even post it because the sheer thought of the vultures circling as soon as that update goes live makes you want to go to jump off a bridge. “I won’t be like your last recruiter, just give me a chance!” Do you think their ex fell for that one too?

I feel your pain. I really do.


Things aren’t looking too rosy. The role is still unfilled and pressure is starting to hit. Tried a specialist recruitment agency and still no success?

Think about it. When you phoned up the specialist recruitment agency, you asked them to do what no one else you had tried could, in exactly the same situation with exactly the same circumstances. In theory, you did the same thing and expected a different result.

Think back to the rubbish you couldn’t get rid of. There are often reasons why a specialist recruiter hasn’t been able to help fill your role, despite the fact they’re just the people that can. Here’s what we think are the top 3…rubbish-related or not:

They don’t have enough information on the role

They don’t know enough about your company

They don’t have enough selling points to make both your company and the role attractive to the best candidates.

1) Not enough information on the role

You say:

“Well read the job spec!”

I say:

Take a look at your job spec. Does it feature the most rewarding parts of the role? Does it feature any challenges the role might pose to the successful person? Does it feature what this person’s long-term and short-term goals may be?

In a world where excellent candidates are being phoned 3-4 times a week by recruiters offering the same roles, at the same level, with the same old companies, think to yourself, does your job spec really stand out?

Bottom line, a job spec is brilliant as a reference point. But it is really a fantasy check list of what the perfect person has to have, and the basics of what they’ll be given. In other words, the job spec is all about YOU, when it should be about THEM. Do you want to hire the best person right? Well, attract them. There is more on this in point 3.

2): Don’t know enough about the company

You say:

“Well, have a look on the website!”

I say:

Great, your specialist recruiter now knows the company Head Office address and that it started in 1996. How much better can you sell something once you’ve seen it in the flesh? Experienced it? Felt it? Smelt it? Tasted it?

Ok, bit far.

A specialist who has met with you, been to the office, and actually felt the environment will sell your business to the best candidates far better than someone who hasn’t. Your specialist should know your business like the back of their hand. Whether your grandfather started it in his shed in the 1930s, you won an award for best new product last year, or you have grown 20% year on year with no signs of stopping, this is all key information the best prospective candidates will appreciate knowing in the first instance that will prick their ears up and take the time to consider.

Office dog? Great, let the specialist pet the dog. Make sure it doesn’t bite.

3) Not enough selling points

You say:

“Hey Candidate, I hear you’re the best sales person in the industry! Well, I have a job that’s selling exactly the same thing as what you already sell, to exactly the same people, for the same salary. Are you interested? No? Oh…”

I say:

Most people won’t move for the same. Make sure your specialist recruiter understands why the best person in the market should join your company.

“Hey Candidate, I hear you’re the best sales person in the industry! Well, I have a job that’s selling exactly the same thing as what you already sell, but better! Why? It’s a patented technology that nobody else in the UK has their hands on. In fact, since they released this product, there’s been an uptake of 150% in revenue and the current sales team are smashing their targets and earning double the commission they were last year! Oh, you want to hear more?”

Think about why your business is great and let your specialist have that information. In fact, don’t let them take on the role unless they have it.

Still can’t find the right person?

Let your specialist feed back and use that information to identify the areas you can be flexible and open up the job brief. If they have spoken to 80 people and 40 of them have said the salary is too low, change it. If 15 have said there is too much travel, change it.

If 5 have said “the dog bites”