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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, this week ending 21/07/2017 the Government pledges £2m for tech to tackle terrorism, the Go programming language heads towards 2.0, the House of Lords warns Data transfer deal with EU is “crucial” for UK businesses and we share with you 5 reasons to attend a tech Meetup!



Government pledges £2m for surveillance tech innovation to tackle terrorism

The government is on the hunt for a new technology to help it tackle the rising threat of terrorism, and as much as £2m will be put into finding innovative ideas that can help authorities improve surveillance, and detect threats in crowds following the attacks in Manchester and London. Security minister Ben Wallace announced plans as part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy; “society must come together to defeat terrorism which is why I am delighted to see representatives here from businesses from across the country who take seriously the need to protect the public”.

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Go programming language heads towards 2.0

It’s been five years since the Go programming language reached version 1.0. since then, the team has been slowly making its way to 2.0, with version 1.8 of the language just released in February. This week the team released its goals and vision for reaching 2.0.; “Now we have five years of experience using Go to build large, production quality systems. We have developed a sense of what works and what does not. Now it is time to begin the next step in Go’s evolution and growth, to plan the future of Go.”

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(SD Times) 14/07/2017


5 reasons to attend a tech Meetup

To keep up with the advancements in technology and develop our career, we all need to spend some time on personal development. A great way to achieve this is through technical Meetups, which offer a great way to gain insight and knowledge about your market. Meetups have become increasingly popular over the last few years, establishing a way for people to get together and discuss common interests. If you are wondering what exactly you can gain from a local technical meet up, let me set those barriers of fear, time commitment and interest to rest with 5 reasons to attend a tech Meetup.

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(Eligo Bl0g) 18/07/2017



House of Lords Committee warns Data transfer deal with EU is “crucial” for UK businesses

According to an influential House of Lords Committee, British businesses and security forces will both suffer after Brexit if transitional data arrangements with the EU are not made. The EU Home affairs committee urged the government to act quickly to avoid greater friction around data transfer in a report published yesterday under the title “Brexit: the EU data protection package.”

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(Computer World UK) 19/07/2017


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