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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the tech industry each week. This week ending 14/07/2017 The Taylor Review is published, Dev Bootcamp closes its doors, Goldman Sachs changes its dress code to be more tech and tech firms unite for ‘net neutrality’ protest.



The Taylor Review: What impact will it have on UK tech companies?

This week The Tayler Review was published, a report on the UK labour market which showed to have the greatest impact on the tech sector and what is referred to as the ‘gig economy’. It acknowledged that platform-based working can offer genuine two-way flexibility, providing opportunities to those who are not able to work in more conventional ways. However, it also recommended the government ask the Low Pay Commission to advise on bringing in a higher National Minimum Wage for hours that are not guaranteed in contract.

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(Tech City News) 12/07/2017


Dev Bootcamp to shut down

Coding bootcamps are said to be on the rise, but Dev Bootcamp announced after five years it will be shutting its doors. Throughout its years, Dev Bootcamp provided students with the technical, cognitive and interpersonal skills necessary for the software development world. The web development curriculum included object-oriented design, fundamentals of building interactive web sites, working with databases, client-side programming, and test-driven development. According to the team, they were unable to maintain a suitable business model that did not compromise the quality of their courses.

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(SD Times) 13/07/2017


Goldman Sachs changes dress code to be more tech

Reuters has reported that Goldman Sachs have eased up on its dress code for tech employees, letting them ditch the suited and booted banker look that is familiar across Wall Street. But an internal memo also stated that employees should “exercise judgement in determining when to adapt to business attire.” Meanwhile, JP Morgan last year adopted a “business casual” dress code across the business but also stressed that it’s not weekend casual, and if you’re seeing a client, you should dress for that client”. Clearly, for investment banks, there’s casual, and then there’s too casual.

(City.A.M) 13/07/2017
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Tech firms unite for ‘net neutrality’ protest

A host of internet giants have united to protest against plans to roll back rules protecting “net neutrality”. The sites will display a variety of messages, or simulate the potential effects of losing the basic principle of all internet traffic being treated equally. Opponents to net neutrality say it stifles innovation and discourages investment in telecoms infrastructure. Among the companies protesting, the headliners include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, Airbnb, Twitter and Snapchat.

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(BBC Tech) 12/07/2017


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