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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 23/06/2017 an Open-Source Python library helps developers create reactive web apps, funding for a biotech company could change the face of retail banking, the Queen’s speech outlines UK government proposal for a ‘new digital charter’ and Facebook launches an initiative to fight online hate speech.  




New Open-source Python library helps developers create reactive web apps

As the interest in Python programming language increases, a new open-source project wants to help developers start building applications in the language. Dash, created by the online data analytics and visualisation solution provider Plotly, is a Python library for analytical, web-based applications. Dash can be used for data analysis, data exploration, visualisation, modelling instrument control and reporting.

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Venture funding for biometric recognition company could change the face of retail banking

AimBrain, a biometric recognition business could be set to change the face of retail banking after receiving £4million of venture capital funding. With banks increasingly looking to explore automation and enhance security, devices ranging from mobile phones to ATM’s could soon be paying much more attention to how customers look, sound and act. Funding for the London-based company could put AimBrain in a good position to take on the financial services market.

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(City A.M.) 20/06/2017


Queen’s speech outlines UK government proposal for a ‘new digital charter’

The Queen’s speech on Wednesday featured a series of proposed new laws formulated to prepare the country for a “smooth and orderly” Brexit, with the government also pledging to introduce a new ‘digital charter’. Which will seek to ensure the UK “is the safest place to be online” and that it retains “its world-class regime protecting personal data”.

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Facebook launches initiative to fight online hate speech

A week after the social network announced steps of its own to remove terrorist-related content from its site, Facebook is now launching a UK initiative to train and fund local organisations to combat extremism and hate speech. The UK Online Civil Courage Initiative’s initial partners include Imams Online and the Jo Cox Foundation. In recent months, governments across Europe have been pushing for technology companies to take more action to prevent online platforms from being used to spread extremist propaganda.

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