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As the UK wakes up to a cloud of uncertainty following the general election result of a hung parliament (correctly predicted by the exit polls), this week’s news round-up is a little different. In this week ending 09/06/2017 we focus on what possible tech policies could be introduced, how the tech community have reacted to the general election and what they believe the next government should take on board, (whichever way negotiations go) as well as the way in which social media may have swayed voters and how it may have made an impact on getting more young people to vote.


General Election 2017: UK Tech Sector Reacts

The past 12 months have proved challenging for UK firms, as many were left reeling following the Brexit referendum and all the uncertainty that followed, but now it seems there is more to follow. The UK tech sector has reacted to the general election 2017 result of a hung parliament; commenting on the urgency that the next government needs to be formed, questions surrounding Brexit, the economy and the markets.

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(Tech City News)  09/06/2017


Do you agree with the political parties plans for tech?

With an uncertain future of where the negotiations will take us in terms of tech and the digital economy, take a look at the main political party plans for tech which may or may not be taken forward in the next government.  Do the manifestos for tech offer a positive stance on digital and tech and how do their policies compare on tackling digital issues currently talked about in the industry?

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(Eligo Technology) 30/05/2017


What should be the next UK governments focus on tech?

The technology community has called for the next government to take a step further in making a top notch digital economy that works for all in their Tech Manifesto 2017. The manifesto for tech sets out a vision for the next government in power, from nurturing the skills for the jobs of the future to guaranteeing a safe and secure digital world.

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(Eligo Technology) 26/05/2017


Did social media impact young people to swing the election?

Historically the voting turnout for young people is far lower than older generations, but this year it appears that their vote was significant. According to Sky News, the turnout of 18-24-year-olds to vote on yesterday’s general election was 66.4% compared to 43% in the 2015 general election. Did the steady stream of celebrities staking a claim in the election on social media imploring young followers to vote lead to the rise?

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(Telegraph) 09/06/2017



Social media bots proving low-key in 2017 General Election 

Sky News looked at the impact of automated twitter accounts on the general election and found that they proved to be less subtle during the 2017 general election compared to other campaigns. The research between Sky News and Centre for Analysis of Social Media also uncovered a high volume of tweeters – human or bot- tended to espouse more left-wing messages. The low-key impact of bots during the 2017 election contrasts with a less subtle, more sledgehammer approach seen in other countries.

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(Sky News) 09/06/2017


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