Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 30/06/17


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As IFSEC 2017 kept us very busy, we are catching up with 2 weeks worth of Fire & Security industry news covering the growth in IoT Security & UEA fire safety markets, growing demand for Chinese video surveillance products, its risks and more…


Grenfell Tower: Gate Safe calls for important changes in building access

In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the campaigners at Gate Safe – the organisation established to improve the understanding of existing legislation and standards affecting safe gates – were “horrified” to read in the national media that firefighters were recently hindered from attending an emergency because of a faulty automatic gate system. As an organisation, Gate Safe has always strongly advocated that a separate pedestrian gate should be provided in addition to any automated gates installed for vehicular access. This is especially important in a high occupancy dwelling (such as a tower block).

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(Risk UK, 28/06/2017)

Impressive growth of IoT Security Market

 The Internet of Things (IoT) Security Market is predicted to grow from $6.62 billion in 2017 to $29.02 billion by 2022 according to a new market research report by Marketsandmarkets which covers major IoT security types, such as network security, endpoint security, application security, cloud security, and others. Increasing ransomware attacks on IoT systems, securing ubiquitous environment, and increasing need for data centric security are the major drivers for the growth of IoT security market.

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(Security World Market, 26/06/2017)

Cybersecurity risks of an access control system

The threat of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly critical as more and more security surveillance solutions become IP-based. And if such malicious attempts were not enough to cause panic, there was also the ransomware attack that infected thousands of computers and sent cybersecurity specialists scrambling for answers. In this context, it is reassuring to see that several physical security companies are coming forward to take steps to ensure that their solutions are as safe as possible from hackers and malware.

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(, 26/06/2017)

UAE Fire Safety Market on the rise

The latest report published by 6Wresearch predicts the growth of the UAE Fire Safety Systems & Equipment market at a CAGR of 10.1% during 2017-23. The UAE fire safety systems and equipment market have recently registered substantial growth on account of large scale construction projects in the country according to the researchers. Infrastructure development in the areas of retail, hospitality, transportation and residential are expected to create significant demand for these systems and equipment.

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(Security World Market, 28/06/2017)

Growing demand for Chinese video surveillance products and its risks

Chinese supplier branded consumer video surveillance equipment accounted for approximately 5 percent of US market revenues in 2016. However, according to IHS Markit, the recent explosion of supply and demand for consumer video in the Chinese domestic market is a potential ticking time bomb for US market stakeholders. The US market itself has experienced exceptional growth during the past five years, averaging double-digit annual growth with 2016 and yielding market revenues of $830 million.

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(Security World Market, 29/06/2017)

Integration of fire & security – should businesses offer both or specialise?

Fire and security are two areas that are often grouped together because they are so inherently linked.  These days, the Internet of Things is bringing better solutions slowly to the fore, allowing fire detection and alarm systems to send signals to the security and access control systems and vice versa. This hasn’t always been the case, and although innovations are beginning to lead the way in the built environment, there’s still some ground to cover and some headway to be made in making a fully integrated and innovative system.

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(Fire Industry Association, 23/06/2017)

Acquisitions within F&S continue

More & more companies are coming together to be better and stronger. Last two weeks brought more news about Chiron Security Communications and Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. acquiring Panasonic Cloud Management Service Europe B.V. (PCMSEU) makers of the Panasonic Cameramanager and Panasonic Nubo and Addsecure, a Swedish supplier of secure communication solutions acquiring the British provider of advanced Alarms over IP systems.

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(Security World Market, 21,22/06/2017)

Last week IFSEC came and went in a flash!

It was great to catch up with so many familiar faces and plenty of new ones both during the day and in the evenings – we had a blast!  The show itself didn’t appear to be quite as busy as previous years, especially the first day (but that may have been due to the heatwave!) How did you find it this year? The seemingly unstoppable rise of HIK was evidently embodied in their huge stand, whilst plenty of new companies chose to exhibit. That being said, there were some notable absences from the likes of Norbain and Tyco who have probably chosen to allocate their budgets to local roadshow events (including ST17 where we’ll be attending next week). Product-wise, there was a fascinatingly diverse range of technologies – both in security and fire – but also in areas like smart homes/IOT more than ever before. I do feel the industry needs to continue to align with these; it would be great to hear your thoughts! Our “crack the safe” prize draw seemed to be very well received as was the seemingly much-needed coffee!

Meet us at Security Twenty17 North in Harrogate!

On the topic of local events, the Eligo tour bus is not ready for a rest just yet – we travel up to the ST17 event in Harrogate next Monday for the networking drinks and exhibition on Tuesday! Will we see you there?



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