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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 26/06/2017; while the UK Government plans to ban encryption, a think tank warns Encryption Backdoors could heighten the risk of cyber-attacks. Apple’s chief design officer says that immigration is vital for UK firms Bitcoins are now almost worth $73 million and UK tech start-ups predict difficult times ahead following EU tech funding freeze. 



UK Gov reportedly planning to ban encryption following Manchester attack

According to reports, UK government ministers are looking to enforce new powers that would mean tech giants Apple and Facebook would have to have over encrypted messages to terror investigations within weeks. As soon as the general election is over the government it expected to ask Parliament to approve new orders – called Technical Capability Notices. The new powers would allow the police and MI5 to request that technology companies such as Whatsapp remove encryption from messages sent by suspects.

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Think tank warns Encryption Backdoors in services like Whatsapp could heighten risk of cyber-attacks

Think tank, Adam Smith Institute has warned that the plans to demand encryption “backdoors” in messaging services such as Whatsapp in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing risk new cyber-attacks such as the WannaCry hack. Previously, Amber Rudd has said that end-to-end encryption messaging services like Whatsapp are “completely unacceptable” and earlier today The Sun reported that ministers might be planning to ban encryption once the election is over. Adam Smith Institute has warned that by creating government access to secure systems facilitated the WannaCry hack and that any bid to allow security services access may make the UK less secure.

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(City A.M.) 24/05/2017



Apple’s CDO says immigration is vital for UK firms

Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple has told the BBC that the UK must keep its doors open to top talent from around the world if its technology firms are to thrive. Some UK technology firms have warned that they could lose access to the international talent they need after Britain leaves the EU. Jonathan told the BBC “the general principle [on access] is terribly important for creating a context for multiple companies to grow and in a healthy way explore and develop new products and new product types”

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(BBC Technology) 25/05/2017




Hold on to your Bitcoins…$100 worth in 2010 is now almost worth $73 MILLION

The digital currency bitcoin has smashed its historic $2000 mark on Saturday, with the total market cap of the asset also climbing to $32.92 billion and on Monday it reached a new high, trading at $2,167.24. Since breaking the $1000 valuation mark four years ago, the virtual currency has regained and lost ground, more than doubling its value since the beginning of 2017. This is partly due to global political uncertainty and increased interest in Asia, with investors turning to the asset as a “safe haven” against geopolitical risks.

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(RT) 22/05/2017

UK Tech start-ups predict difficult times ahead following EU tech funding freeze

Tech entrepreneurs have expressed fears that British start-ups could be seriously damaged by a loss of funding from the European Investment Fund (EIF) following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. It has been reported that that at least four British venture capital firms have been affected by a freeze of money from the EIF, which has committed almost £2bn to UK-based venture capital firms in the past. Sources have also claimed that the EIF is no longer sending funds to any firm who applied, or was in the process of applying, after Britain voted to leave in June 2016.

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(Tech City News) 22/05/2017


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