Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 26/05/17


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover trends in market growth in Biometrics and Multi-factor authentication, new FIA qualifications, the upcoming IFSEC conference, and more…


FIA reveals new qualifications for Fire and Alarm Sector

The FIA (Fire Industry Association) recently revealed four new qualifications designed to reflect the main roles within the sector; Designer, Installer, Maintainer, and Commissioner.

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(fe news, May 2017)

Report claims biometrics market size to cross $24billion by 2021

A recent report published by TechSci research has said that biometric technology, particularly fingerprint recognition technology, will continue to grow and hold pole position fore the foreseeable future, particularly in light of recent appaling terrorist attacks.

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(PSI Magazine, 19/05/2017)

Growing cyber threats and multi-factor authentication

Market research by Marketsandmarket claims that the multi-factor authentication market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.52% to reach $12.51 billion by 2022. This has been accentuated by the growing concerns and threats posed by large scale cyber attacks

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(Security World Hotel, 24/05/2017)

Key to successful cities is collaborative approach…

Today, more people live in cities than rural areas. This is a first in history and will only increase, with 60% of the world’s population expected to be living in cities by 2030. This brings new challenges to security and risk as well as infrastructure across cities.

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(Security World Hotel, 24/05/2017)

Meet us IFSEC 2017

Europe’s biggest security show is back in town and we’re excited to be exhibiting again at IFSEC International discussing current activity and providing our insight into the Security and Fire recruitment market. Over 27,000 global security professionals will visit IFSEC 2017 to experience the latest technology innovations and hear from industry leaders. It’s a great opportunity to grow your network, test and trial new security and fire products and develop your knowledge and learn a new skill by attending seminars & workshops.

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If you’re attending and would like to catch up please click below to let us know a good time to catch up and the best number to reach you on, or get in touch. Looking forward to it!

ELIGO Fire & Security at IFSEC 2017



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