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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 28/04/2017 Amazon creates 1,200 new jobs, Googe Hire is announced, highlights from the Perl Developer Survey 2017 are released, the Linux Foundation teams with FSFE to release new resources and Data science firm Exonar raises £1.25m. 



Amazon creates 1,200 jobs at warehouse equipped with advanced robotics


Amazon is set to create 1,200 new permanent jobs as it opens a new warehouse in Warrington where staff will work alongside its robotics technology. The new fulfilment centre, part of a significant expansion across the UK, will take its workforce in Britain to 24,000 by the end of the year. Amazon will be hiring for a range of new roles including operations managers, engineers, human resources and IT specialists. Director of UK customer fulfilment at Amazon UK, Stefano Perego states that “We [Amazon] are thrilled to begin recruitment for 1,200 new permanent roles in Warrington with competitive wages and comprehensive benefits starting on day one,”.

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(The Guardian) 27/04/2017


Is Google about to shake up the recruitment industry?

For over a decade now LinkedIn has sat unchallenged as the number one platform of choice for connecting recruiters and professionals alike. However, following a makeover of their user interface, a reduction of fee functionality and the rejigging of what’s included in paid packages has caused users to look elsewhere for an alternative. Enter Google Hire, a new platform for job searching from the heavyweight tech giant, still in the beta version, it is set to arrive with a protentional candidate base to surpass LinkedIn’s 467m users. Google’s site will allow users to post openings, accept applications and process them directly through the platform, as well as dispelling concerns that recruiters will have unfettered access to the entire search history of applicants.

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(Sonovate) 21/04/2017


Highlights from the Perl Developer Survey 2017

The Perl Developer Survey was conducted by Builtin Perl over a period of 38 days with 849 responses from developers across the world. The results showed quite a few interesting trends for the language itself, but even more about the developers that are using it, showing the state of Perl in 2017. Highlights include; only 3.8 percent of respondents have been using Perl for less than a year, 52.8% of respondents don’t attend Perl conferences and most respondents also use JavaScript, Python and Bash together with Perl. See the blog article for full results and the types of questions that were asked in the Perl Developer Survey 2017.

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(Builtin Perl) 26/04/2017



The Linux Foundation and FSFE introduces new OSS resources

The Open-source landscape can be tricky to navigate with the different projects, licences and compliance requirements. The Linux Foundation and Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) are announcing new resources to simplify free and open source software license identification and compliance. President of the FSFE announced “The resources now made available contribute to making it easier for companies to rely on and develop free and open-source software. Licensing compliance is just the first step on a journey towards using free and open source software, but it’s often a steep learning curve, and we know these resources will contribute to enabling more companies to take the step into the community.” The recently released resources include a new free online book, the open-source release of cregit and the 3.1 release of FOSSology.

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(SD Times) 25/04/2017

Data science firm Exonar raises £1.25m to expand across Europe

West Berkshire-based Data Science firm, Exonar, has raised £1.25m from investors including Winton Group and Amadeus Captial. The Data Science company seeks to help customers organise their information while also removing risk and the funds will be used to expand the availability of the firm’s Information Intelligence platform across Europe. Adrain Barrett, Exonar’s founder and CEO, commented on the raise “The opportunity to help organisations comply with GDPR is extensive and it was important that we found investors with the scale and ambition to enable Exonar to maximise this opportunity”.

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(Tech City News) 27/04/2017


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