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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 10/03/2017 Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2017 with new updates, we discuss the issue with diversity in tech and UK tech firms try to tackle the industry’s diversity problem. UK tech entrepreneurs react to the Spring Budget announced this week and if you’re new to programming we give you a guide to programming languages. 


Visual Studio 2017 gets new integrations

This week Microsoft announced the general availability of its Visual Studio 2017 with an update to its software development environment that aims to increase developer productivity. As well as adding features that make developing for new container architectures, the cloud and mobile devices more seamless. With VS2017 now officially available, companies such as JNBridge, Parasoft, Devart, GrapeCity, Black Duck and White Source are making sure they are adding support to their existing solutions.

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Eligo Blog: The Issue with Diversity in Tech

In the same week of celebrating International Women’s Day we also reflected on the diversity of the Technology industry. In our blog ‘the issue with diversity in tech’ we look at diversity in tech and how issues with gender, racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace can be tackled. We have high hopes for diversity in tech and hope there will be further great changes being made across the industry to make it a fully diverse sector.

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London tech firms to tackle the industry’s diversity problem

According to a survey by Tech London Advocates (TLA) London’s tech businesses are finally taking steps to address the industry’s diversity problem. The network of over 4,300 tech experts and leaders in London carried out a study into how the technology industry is approaching gender diversity. Out of 210 senior leaders from TLA, 46% said they now have a HR recruitment strategy aimed at increasing workplace diversity. With 49.2% also believing that the industry is actively biased against women. – this news comes in the same week as International Women’s Day.

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(City A.M) 09/03/2017


UK tech entrepreneurs react to 2017 Spring Budget

Chancellor of the exchequer, Phillip Hammond delivered the Spring Budget this week which outlines a number of measures which will certainly impact UK technology businesses. Various tech entrepreneurs have responded to the budget saying it lacks in clarity in business rates, is ‘hardly positive’ for the SME sector and concerns about 5G security risks. Hammond failed to make any meaningful mention of Brexit in his budget stating “As we start out negotiations to exit the European Union, this Budget takes forward our plan to prepare Britain for a brighter future”.

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How to decide on a programming language that’s right for you

Are you new to programming or perhaps you’re looking to switch languages? Learning a new coding language can not only lead you onto a new career path, but it’s also a great way of developing in-demand job skills. By becoming fluent in a programming language, you will be able to prove to employers that you have a clear software aptitude as well as the ability to process information and analyse data. we explain some programming languages to give you an idea of what they are used for, the types of job roles and the average salaries you could earn to help you decide on a programming language that’s right for you and your end goal.

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