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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 03/03/2017 the new UK Digital Strategy is announced, AWS typo knocks websites offline, the UK economy is adapting well to automation and Dyson challenges tech giants with a huge investment in Britain.  



Google, BT and more pledge skills training for millions as part of UK digital strategy

The department for Culture, Media and Sport has finally unveiled its Digital Strategy that includes Google, Barclays, Lloyds Banking and BT pledging to offer digital skills training to millions in the UK. The long-awaited Digital Strategy is aimed at plugging skills gaps and boosting the AI sector, whilst utilising the help of big businesses to help implement these measures. In total, four million free digital skills training opportunities will be available in numerous forms.

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Amazon Web Services Typo knocks websites offline

This week didn’t start out right for AWS as they scrambled to recover from a major mishap at its facility in Virginia US, causing its S3 cloud storage to fail. Nearly half of the internet was knocked offline as most websites (Imagur, Medium, Docker, Registry Hub) were relying on S3 to store their data online. Amazon confirmed that the cause was a simple typo: “Unfortunately, one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than intended.” Over 150,000 websites and services rely on AWS and Amazon is the largest provider of cloud services. They have said they are now making changes to help prevent a similar incident occurring in the future.

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UK economy adapting well to automation

There are many scare stories in the press and in politics of robots taking over and the imminent need for universal welfare programmes or taxes on robots that take our jobs. But with automation on the increase and destroying jobs along the way, how well is the UK jobs market responding? Between 2011 and 2016 the number of jobs in the UK grew by 2.5m, across 396 job categories 3.6m were created and 1.1m destroyed. It is also estimated that over 500,000 jobs were lost to automation such as traffic wardens, cashiers and typists. It has been found that social, creative and complex jobs are harder to automate and the jobs market is responding well in creating more roles like this.

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Dyson challenges tech giants with huge investment in Britain

Dyson is building a 500-acre campus dedicated to AI and robotics as part of a £2.5 billion plan to take on tech giants Google and Facebook. Based in the Cotswolds, the new campus is part of the biggest investment in the UK by a technology firm since the Brexit vote. The prime minister and industry figures hailed the move as a vote of confidence in Britain’s industrial strategy. Sir James Dyson, wants his company to be known for more than vacuum cleaners.

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Snap announced multi-billion dollar IPO

On Thursday it was announced that Snapchat’s IPO earned the firm a $24 billion valuation, brushing off fears about heavy losses and send shares soaring in the biggest technology float for years. Snap debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in the biggest listing in three years, with a share price leap of 41pc.

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(Telegraph 02/03/2017)


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