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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 31/03/2017 a great turn out at the first LPM tech meet up of 2017, UK tech reacts to Article 50, Google lanches new open source site and chat apps come under scrutiny over encryption.  


Great turn out at the first London Perl Mongers technical meetup of 2017

As an organiser of the London Perl Mongers, last night Rick 

Deller hosted the first LPM tech meetup of 2017. There was a great turnout at the event, held at the offices of sponsors Pirum Systems with around 40 people attending from the Perl Mongers community. The evening was comprised of six great talks from Perl influencers, pizza, beer and a chance to network with other Perl enthusiasts. Rick would like to say a big thank you to all that attended and Pirum Systems for use of their offices and for supplying the pizza and beer!

If you would like to attend the next technical LPM meet up or social, visit the meetup page here;


UK Tech Reacts: PM triggers Article 50 to jumpstart Brexit

Wednesday the 29th now marks a landmark day as Article 50 was triggered by PM Theresa May, setting the wheels in motion for Brexit. Pro-Brexiters have been waiting for this day since the decision to leave the EU in was announced in June. The UK is now heading into a two-year departure process, which will undoubtedly be met with varying degrees of acceptance by members of the UK technology industry. Tech entrepreneurs have reacted to this landmark move with varying views from Francesco Cardoletti, Founder of PaWSquad stating “Triggering of Article 50 is the equivalent of jumping off a cliff hoping your untested parachute will open” to Karen McCormick CIO at Beringea stating it will help bring Britain a step closer to clarity.

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Google launches new open-source software site

Google has announced a new place for its open source projects and initiatives to live. The new site is designed to provide information on how Google uses, releases and supports open source software. The company is also organising its projects into a directory to help developers find open source projects, which will showcase specific projects as well as breaking them into categories such as developer tools, IoT, machine learning, programming and testing. Google’s engineering manager for the company’s open source office said in a recent post “This new site showcases the breadth and depth of our love for open source. It will contain the expected things: our programs, organisations we support and a comprehensive list of open source projects we’ve released.”

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WhatsApp’s privacy protections questioned after terror attack

On Sunday the home secretary announced that the intelligence services must be able to access relevant information. This comes as chat apps with end-to-end encryption that prevent your messages being accessed by strangers are under scrutiny again following last week’s terror attack in London. It has been discovered that the attacker Khalid Massod appeared to have used WhatsApp minutes before carrying out his killings. With chats such as WhatsApp that have end-to-end encryption, it makes it hard for the technology company running the app to disclose useful information from the messages.

Click here to read more (BBC Technology) 27/03/2017


US Tech giants react to UK Home Secretary Rudd

Big tech businesses have told the UK government it will do more to remove extremist content from their networks but has refused to offer concessions on encryption. In other words Yeah, Yeah, we’ll work out on the nasty stuff about bombs- but we ain’t doing no backdoors. Following a meeting between Home Secretary Amber Rudd and communications service providers, called in the aftermath of the attack and murders in Westminster, senior execs from Facebook Google, Microsoft and Twitter put out a joint statement. The statement is more notable for its omissions than its promises and crucially there is no mention at all of the pressing issue of encryption.

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Do you think tech giants and chat apps such as WhatsApp should give a back door to governments to help them easily access information? Eligo tech are keen to know your thoughts on this-


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