Fire & Security Industry news round up 03/03/2017


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the threat of commercial drones, our privacy in Smarter World, how to avoid security devices vulnerabilities and more…


Commercial drones and growing security threat

“The Islamic State’s use of weaponised UAVs represents a growing security threat to the region and in the West more generally”. According to jihadist media monitoring conducted by Jane’s by IHS Markit, UAVs – Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles – are a growing security threat in the West. The Islamic State has been the most notable and predominant militant group making use of UAVs in both propaganda and tactical military contexts.

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(World Security Hotel, 01/03/2017)

Our privacy in a Smarter World

We have less privacy and we seem to have accepted it. In recent years the monitoring of our lives has been taken to new levels. As part of the cyber-physical revolution and the internet of things (IoT) movement, our physical world is being enabled with the ability to sense, record and transmit information on the world around it. If privacy is a basic human need, then why are so many of us so willing to give it up so easily?

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(Memoori, 28/02/2017)

The way to avoid security devices vulnerabilities

The latest DDoS attack against a U.S.-based Internet performance and management company, resulting in a shutdown of service across such sites as Amazon and Netflix started a serious debate about vulnerabilities of security devices as they migrate towards IP after revealing that several IP cameras and NVRs were used to launch the attack after being affected with the Mirai malware. Default username and password, execution of proprietary encryption and default configuration are listed by the experts as some of the security devices issues.

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(, 02/03/2017)

Smart lighting grids across entire cities might be under attack

According to the Threat Predictions Report 2017 prepared by Fujitsu, hackers could conceivably disable smart lighting grids across entire cities and are likely to harness machine-learning to launch hitherto unseen types of attack. Detecting anomalies in web-traffic patterns, for instance, machine learning can give organisations earlier warning and offer scope for a more proactive approach to risk mitigation. The report has also predicted that banks will come under greater attack over the next 12 months.

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(IFSEC Global, 27/02/2017)


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