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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 10/02/2017 a report reveals test automation is increasing, Google blurs lines between web and native apps, a study finds businesses confused over who deals with cyber-attacks, top 9 programming languages of 2017 are revealed and Apple are optimistic for post-Brexit UK. 



Report finds test automation is increasing

A new study by Wipro Limited has revealed that more businesses are moving towards test automation to keep up with their competitors. The State of Quality 2016 study showed that there has been an 85% increase in test automation over the last two years. This shows that in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing software world, manual tests are no longer cutting it. The sudden rise in interest in test automation is due to the digital transformation pressure that almost every industry is currently facing.

Read more here  (SD times) 08/02/2017

Google blurs lines between web and native apps

Google recently announced that it will be increasing its efforts to blur the lines between native apps in an update to Chrome, that will be rolling out in the beta channel within the next few weeks. In 2015 Google blurred the lines between web and native apps by allowing developers to prompt users browsing their site to add it to their Home screen, so it would appear the same as other apps. Now with what they are calling ‘Progressive Apps’ the lines have almost disappeared from a user perspective.

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Study reveals: firms are split on who deals with aftermath of cyber-attacks

BAE systems revealed in their latest study that large companies are confused about who should be in charge of dealing with the aftermath of cyber-attacks. The research suggests that senior managers expect IT staff to deal with data breaches, but technology bosses feel it should be down to the board members and that this confusion could make firms more vulnerable to attacks. The head of cyber-threat intelligence unit at BAE Systems has said that the confusion on who handles the situation following the attacks “is definitely a weakness and it will lead to organisations not being prepared for oncoming attacks”.

Read more here (BBC news) 09/02/2017

New study highlights top 9 programming languages of 2017

Programming boot camp Coding Dojo analysed the most-in-demand programming languages of the year by looking through data from and found that Perl, Python and SQL are among the languages that are consistently showing up in job postings. Last year’s research showed that SQL, Java, and JavaScript were the top 3 programming languages of 2016.

Read more here (SD Times) 03/02/2017


Apple ‘optimistic’ about post-Brexit UK

Apple boss Tim Cook has brushed aside business concerns about the economic impact of leaving the EU, by expressing his optimism in the UK post-Brexit at a recent meeting with PM Theresa May. In their meeting at downing street, they discussed Apple’s investment plans for Battersea Power Station, where it has plans to launch its new UK HQ.

Read more here (The Drum) 10/02/2017

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