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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 03/02/2017 US tech giants oppose Trump’s travel ban, Developers can now upload their Android Apps to the Play Store, MP’s question UK’s cyber-attack defences and Metasploit security kit now hacks IoT devices.



Apple, Facebook, Google and Uber coordinate to oppose Trump travel ban

Four of America’s tech giants and other corporations have begun coordinating their resistance to the travel ban imposed by president Trump and have drafted a joined letter outlining pro-immigration stance. The draft of the letter is the first major push from large businesses in the US in to show for support immigration following the travel restriction order imposed by Trump, barring all refugees from entering the U.S and temporarily suspending travel from 7 countries with largely Muslim populations. In the letter, they declare America as the ‘Land of opportunity – welcoming newcomers and giving them a chance to build families, careers and businesses in the United States.’ But go on to say ‘We share your goal of ensuring that our immigration system needs today’s security needs and keeps our country safe. We are concerned, however, that your recent executive order will affect many visa holders who work hard here in the United States and contribute to our country’s success’.  

Read the full draft of the letter here   (Recode) 01/02/2017



Developers can now upload their Android Wear apps to the play store

Last week Android released their fifth and final developer preview for Android Wear 2.0, meaning those who have compiled their applications for this preview can finally publish their apps. The preview comes with iOS support with a number of bug fixes and enhancement. Developers have been able to pair Android Wear watches with iPhones since 2015 but the added iOS support allows to set the Standalone=true flag in the watch app manifest so the apps then appear in the Play Store on watches paired to iPhones.

Read more here
(SD times) 24/01/2017


MP’s question UK’s cyber-attack defences

MP’s have warned that a skills shortage and “chaotic” handling of personal data breaches are undermining confidence in the government’s ability to protect the UK from cyber-attacks. They found that the role of the Cabinet Office, that is responsible for protecting all government information from attack, remained unclear. Reports of data breaches varies across Whitehall, with some departments highlighting thousands while others recorded none at all, a system that the MP’s described as “inconsistent and chaotic.” – Cyber-attacks are ranked among the top four risks to UK national security.

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(BBC News) 02/02/2017


Metasploit security kit hacks IoT devices

The popular hacking toolkit Metasploit has now been upgraded to tackle the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, allowing researchers the opportunity to scour for bugs and vulnerabilities in everything from fridges to modern cars. Director for transportation security announced that the Metasploit framework will now link directly to hardware, permitting users to develop exploits to test their hardware and conduct penetration testing with less time wasted. The software is open-source and available for free or as an extended paid-for edition.

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(ZDnet) 03/02/2017


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