Fire & Security Industry news round up 24/02/2017


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the impressive growth of the wearable security market, challenges in installing the video entry systems, rising military & defence budget in the Middle East and more…


Military and defence budget on the rise in the Middle East

According to the latest analysis prepared by IHS Markit, Middle East increases its drive to acquire new military capabilities and the defence budgets will return to growth in 2017. “Defence procurement activity is starting to pick up in the Middle East following a brief dip due to the collapse in oil prices; we expect Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in particular, to begin to start to spend heavily again over the next two years.”

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(Security World Hotel, 22/02/2017)

What drives Smart Building Startups forward?

“Smart building start-ups have attracted a total of $3,927 million since 2008, with the highest level of funding achieved in 2016, showing increased confidence by investors in the sector and indicating the positive response companies are receiving for their products and services in the market” reads the latest report published by Memoori. The report highlights the diversity and range of emerging players in the marketplace, gathering nine years of information from more than 250 companies.

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(Memoori, 23/02/2017)

The challenges in installing video entry systems

“Some of the biggest issues to overcome are the long distances, the number of outdoor panels and any already existing wiring. Without a doubt, however, the main challenge for many builders or real estate developers is to find a system which offers the best performance at a reasonable price, which uses the most economical wiring, and at the same time, the system is functional and aesthetically attractive for end-users”

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( Global Security Web, 23/02/2017)

Impressive growth of wearable security

The latest report published by Technavio predicts the global wearable security devices market will witness impressive growth over the next few years and post a CAGR of almost 19% by 2021. The high adoption of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology across various markets plays the main role of wearable security market’s growth. The report segments the market by application and analysis of the wearable security devices market including military, emergency services, tracking and biometric recognition.

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(Security World Hotel, 23/02/2017)

Security solutions & artificial intelligence – deep learning and machine learning

Security solutions using artificial intelligence, neural networks, and deep learning are slowly making they way up within the industry. Not many security professionals understand the different concepts that machine learning and deep learning represent. “Think of how a baby learns; first, a baby identifies that it is an animal, and then it recognizes it has four legs, followed by it has whiskers, or color before finally learning to differentiate whether it is a cat or a dog. Similarly, this is how deep learning kind of trains the system by going through several layers of analysis.”

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( Global Security Web, 24/02/2017)


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