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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 20/01/2017 employee monitoring is driven by data, Deliveroo is set to create 300 tech jobs in London, Microsoft adds support for another Linux distribution on Azure and Codracy breaks down important software metrics for developers. 



The next generation of employee monitoring is data driven

Would you let your boss track your every move? A major UK bank and some parts of the NHS are reportedly fitting their employees with wearable tech that monitors their every move. From how much sleep they get, and how they work with colleagues to their body language and tone of voice or emotions, for 24 hours a day. This device is called a “sociometric badge”, created by a US tech company Humanyze.

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(City A.M.) 20/01/2017


Deliveroo to hire over 300 UK tech workers in London

Deliveroo has declared that 300 new tech jobs will be created when it opens its new global headquarters in London, with many of the hires being senior software and hardware engineers. CEO and Founder Will Shu said the company is going from strength to strength and commenting on the news “London is where I founded this company and it’s from our headquarters here that we export our British-born technology around the world”.

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(Tech City News) 18/01/2017

Microsoft to add support for another Linux distribution on Azure

Clear Linux OS is a free, open-source distribution built for cloud and data centre environments that is tuned to maximise the performance of intel systems.  On Wednesday Microsoft announced that it will be available in the Azure Marketplace. They already currently support a number of Linux distributions on Azure, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle Linux to name a few and last year declared that nearly one out of three virtual machines on Azure are running on Linux rather than Windows server.

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(ZD net) 18/01/2017



Codracy breaks down important software metrics for developers

Codacy, an automated code review and code analytics provider have released a free e-book to help developers decide what metrics they should use to gain an insight into the health of their codebase. The e-book “Software Metrics: A Practical Guide for the Curious Developer” is designed to be a cheat sheet for developers in a hurry who need a practical list of useful metrics. It also looks at bad and obscure metrics, and how developers can either gain value or why they should steer clear of them.

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(SDtimes) 17/01/2017

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