The changing face of Perl: LPW 2016


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The annual London Perl Workshop took place this Saturday, with the Perl community descending on Westminster University for a host of great talks from well-known speakers in the community. Having recently joined Eligo as the Technology Marketing Assistant, this was my first experience of the LPW and my first time attending a Perl event, and I was particularly excited to meet the Perl community to grow my knowledge of the market.

This year the conference theme was aptly chosen as ‘changes’, with 2016 being a big year for changes not only with the Brexit result in July and the recent US election but also changes from behind the scenes in the world of Perl including a handover of the organisation of LPW. Following 10 years of dedicating his time and passion into the LPW, Mark Keating is stepping down from his role as chief organiser. In honour of his 10th year and his ongoing contribution to the Perl community we spoke to Mark to get an insight of his time at LPW here.

Eligo Technology kicked off the conference by hosting pre-event drinks at The Smugglers Tavern in Fitzrovia, where we had a drink or two to welcome old faces and new to LPW 2016. It was a great way to get a taste of what was to come at the event and to hear what talks people were most looking forward to attending. On the day of the event, Rick, Aleks and I headed out early and set up our infamous bright pink Eligo stand complete with Sweets and Perl stickers.

For LPW 2016 we also joined forces with CV-Library to offer attendees free Wi-Fi passes for the day. I was told that this is the first time that Wi-Fi has been offered at the event, allowing attendees to save their mobile data and stay connected in between the Perl talks.

Our resident Perl recruiter Rick, and Aleks who have both attended many times before enjoyed catching up with the fellow exhibitors and old faces at LPW 2016. In addition to this, we also met new people who were looking for Perl jobs and advice about the Perl Jobs Market. This new interest in Perl jobs shows that the support for the community and the Perl jobs market is still growing, despite all the changes going on.

It was a great day all round and a great experience in meeting and chatting to well-known individuals within the Perl Community. As I am still growing into my new role learning about the Perl market and its community, it was a great opportunity to gain further insight and meet those contributing to its growth.

With LPW 2016 all done and dusted, we are looking forward to next year where Eligo will not only be attending LPW 2017 but have a direct hand in organising the event. Rick has been given the honour of being a chosen member of the organising committee for LPW, taking the reins from Mark who has done an excellent job of managing the event every year for 10 years!

lpw-sweets    lpw-stand-2    

We look forward to seeing you next year!


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