On the 1st day of Christmas I give to thee…


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On the 1st day of Christmas I give to thee 12 news articles from the technology industry…

As we fully embrace the Christmas spirit and edge closer towards the end of 2016, we’ve compiled our 12 top tech news articles from across the year from Brexit and AI to cyber security, the end of Vine and exploding phones.


  1. Japan’s Softbank acquires UK’s Arm Holdings

    This acquisition of the UK’s firm came as welcomed news for the Tech industry after the shock result of July’s Brexit decision and shows that Britain hasn’t lost its appeal from international investors, despite the decision to leave the EU.

  2. Tattoos that turn your skin into an interface

    MIT media Lab brought to life futuristic technology only imagined in SciFi movies by creating transfer tattoos that operate as interfaces for smartphones and other devices. This technology has endless applications with three classes of ‘DuoSkin’ that can function as input, output and communication devices.

  3. Apple ordered to pay $14.5 billion for illegal tax benefits in Ireland

    Back in August, it was announced that tech giant Apple benefitted from illegal tax benefits in Ireland. The European Commission announced that Ireland must recover the ‘Illegal Aid’ worth $14.5 billion.

  4. Samsung Galaxy note 7 is on fire (and not in a good way)

    Samsung hoped to rival Apple iPhone’s with their Galaxy note 7… however, disaster struck when customers phones started exploding. This led Samsung to issue a global recall and learn the lesson that safety is more important flashy phone features.

  5. HSBC launches selfie verification

    2014 was declared the year of the ‘Selfie’ so it’s no surprise that 2 years on HSBC is now allowing customers to verify their identities when they open an account by taking a selfie. Airbnb were the first to introduce this facial tracking to their app, and now banks are joining the bandwagon to include biometrics into their security process.

  6. Hyperloop to head to the UK

    Soon delayed trains and being stuck on a packed tube/bus will be a thing of the past… As the UK Government has expressed interest in Hyperloop technology, which would make a journey from London to Manchester in just 18 minutes. The Hyperloop is a super-fast, vacuum-tube transportation system proposed by Elon Musk.

  7. Yahoo 500m accounts compromised

    2016 has certainly been the year of cyber-attacks, with the largest high profile data breach being that of Yahoo. After having their data breached back in 2014, it only came to light in 2016 that over 500 million of its user’s details had been compromised.

  8. Vine is axed

    Four years after its launch, Twitter dropped the curtain on its video sharing service. Vine allowed users to create and share 6-second-long video clips that played on a loop and brought popular videos such as ‘Duck Army’(your welcome), one of the most watched Vines ever.

  9. AI predicts outcome of human rights case

    AI is increasingly used across different industries and in 2016 University College London claimed an AI system had correctly predicted the outcomes of hundreds of cases heard at the European Court of Human Rights. But would you leave your rights in the hands of AI?

  10. Twitter cuts 9% of its workforce

    In October social media giant Twitter announced they were cutting 9% of their staff, which is roughly 350 people. They announced the news alongside their Q3 earnings, which beat Wall Street expectations.

  11. Student creates fake john Lewis advert

    Every year the UK awaits the highly-anticipated Christmas advert, and in 2016 a university student made the headlines for creating a fake John Lewis version. Not only was it a convincing ad to viewers, because of his creative talent he was also offered a job with a PR agency.

  12. Space X plans to launch internet from Space. 

    Space travel has made great strides over the years and in 2016 the private rocket firm SpaceX announced plans to launch internet from space. They have applied for government permission to launch satellites that will provide global broadband internet access with a 4,425-strong satellite network.

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