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Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 23/09/2016






Lenovo’s Signature laptop refuses to install Linux

It has been confirmed that several of Lenovo’s Yoga laptops are refusing to install Linux based operating systems. There is confusion surrounding this restriction as an employee posted that Linux was blocked because of an “agreement with Microsoft” but Lenovo denies enforcing a deliberate ban.


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(BBC Tech) 21/09/2016



Brits are keen to start using fingerprint ID when making bank payments  

Recent research from Visa has discovered that most Britons would trust banks with their fingerprint identification, but not the government. 60% of Britons would trust their banks to safely store biometric information such as fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. Whereas only 33% were happy for the government to have access to the same.

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(City A.M.) 19/09/2016


Google launches its smart messaging app Allo

Allo, designed for Android and iOS is a “smart” messaging app that allows you to chat with friends and plan and find information. Its “smart” feature helps to keep conversations going by providing assistance such as phrases and words to say.

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(Venture Beat) 20 /09 /2016


Microsoft called upon to compensate users for Windows 10 issues

UK consumer rights group Which? Has called for Microsoft to compensate users of Windows 10. The software upgrade received hundreds of complaints from printer problems to lost files with many users having to pay technicians to repair the issues.

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(ZD Net) 22/09/2016



500m Yahoo user accounts have been compromised by a data breach

It has come to light that back in 2014 the dot-com giant Yahoo were hacked, compromising account information such as names, emails, telephone numbers and even passwords. The news of this data breach puts pressure on a current acquisition deal between Yahoo and telecommunications company Verizon.

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(City.A.M) 22/09/2016