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Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 16/09/2016






UK Steps up its Cyber Security Defence

With the opening of the National Cyber Security Centre next month, the UK government has now stepped up plans to create an active Cyber defence against online attacks. They aim to develop automated defences offering protection from high-volume yet unsophisticated attacks.

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(BBC Technology) 13/09/2016




AI and the future of FinTech

With the rise in popularity of AI and business it is now believed that the future of finance will be shaped by Artificial Intelligence. It is said to eliminate human error, the internet of things will multiply payment transactions and cash and cheques will disappear altogether.

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(Tech City News) 15/09/2016



Amazon’s Virtual home assistant arrives in UK

Virtual home assistant Echo created by Amazon lets users control their home and do tasks online via simple voice commands. It has now been rolled out to UK and German markets and is Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, an artificial intelligence voice assistant like Apple’s Siri.

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(City A.M.) 14/09/2016





Google launches final release version of Angular 2.0

Following a number of previews and beta releases Google is officially launching Angular 2.0. The web application framework introduces a number of new features from better support for modern browsers and mobile development, to easier third party and built in libraries.

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(Tech Crunch) 14/09/2016



More banks have enabled Android Pay

Android pay launched back in June but was unsupported by many major banks. However, It was announced on Tuesday that Natwest, RBS, Ulster Bank and Santander are now supporting the contactless payment system.

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(Tech Radar) 13/09/2016