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Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 09/09/2016




The UK has been named best G20 country for starting a digital business

In accountancy firm EY’s latest G20 Digital Entrepreneurship Barometer report, Britain scored high marks in the digital business environment category. Partner for digital government at EY stated “It is great to see the UK leading the way for supporting digital startups”.

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(City A.M.) 09/09/2016




Raspberry Pi reaches 10m sales mark

The iconic small computer (the size of a credit card) the Raspberry Pi has surpassed its 10 million sales mark, showing continued success as the most popular British computer ever. First released in 2012 and manufactured in Wales, the Raspberry Pi is widely used as a programming educational tool.

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(BBC Technology) 08/09/2016



HSBC launches selfie verification for bank accounts

The international bank is now allowing business customers to open their bank accounts by taking a selfie. HSBC is following on from Airbnb’s selfie verification, and moving away from traditional passwords and other biometric methods such as fingerprints.

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(UK Business Insider) 05/09/2016




UK expresses interest in Hyperloop technology

Hyperloop One, creators of a super-fast, vacuum-tube transportation system (that can get passengers from London to Manchester in 18 mins) have announced that they have been in conversation with the UK government and private companies about potential UK routes.

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(Wired) 07/09/2016



Galaxy note 7 recalled and advised not to use on planes

Samsung recalled the Galaxy note 7 last week after multiple reports of the phone exploding during or after being charged. Airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia have also told customers not to charge or turn on their phone during flights.

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(BBC News) 08/09/2016