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Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 02/09/2016





Whatsapp only sim card comes to the UK

In response to the popular use of instant messaging platforms and 43% of Britons using it at least once a week, Freedompop a telecoms startup has launched UK’s first ever Whatsapp only SIM card. The new SIM offers free unlimited data when using messaging app owned by Facebook, it also offers 200 megabytes of data and 100 voice minutes per month.

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(City A.M) 01/09/2016



Interest in the C Programming language struggles to compete

TOBIE index, which keeps track of the popularity of programming languages has found that the C programming language has hit an all-time low and is struggling to compete with other languages. It is currently still ranked as the second most-popular programming language on TOBIE index, but it is expected to fall further down the popularity list.

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(SD Times) 31/08/2016


 Apple ordered to pay back billions for illegal tax benefits in Ireland 

News has recently emerged that tech giant Apple has benefitted from illegal tax benefits in Ireland for its European operations. The usual corporation tax rate in Ireland is 12.5% but in 2014, Apple only paid their tax at 0.005%. The European Commission has stated that Ireland must gain back the “illegal aid” worth 13 billion euros.

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(TechCrunch) 30/08/2016



Linux at 25, the story behind its success

Since it first launched 25 years ago, Linux has managed to succeed despite the odds that were stacked against it. This is said to be down to four reasons, from the fact that it adopted a decentralised development approach and it is pragmatic rather than ideological, to its practical operating system design and the community support behind it.

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(The Var Guy) 23/08/2016

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