Attracting the best candidates: Which advert would you apply to?


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The recruitment landscape has shifted considerably over the last 2-3 years and the best candidates hold more power than ever before. Sadly, most companies are still using the same attraction materials and job adverts that were useful when there were plenty of relevant applications and you needed a way of screening people out before applying.

As I discussed in my article on hiring the best security professionals out there, the reality is that the best security professionals are either secure in their current role but open to something better, or they are in transition and have multiple opportunities to consider. As such, you need to offer something different and/or better to get the best in front of you. The first port of call for peaking interest and differentiating yourself is in the job advert.

A quick google search led me to a typical example extract from a currently advertised role with a company that will have undoubtedly have spent several hundreds of pounds up front on said advert with no guaranteed return. As an employer read the ad with the mindset of a genuine A-player Security candidate who does not frequent the job boards but as above is probably open to something better, perhaps after a tough day, and has stumbled across your ad whilst browsing what the best security job options available are right now. How likely would you be compelled to apply by this advert?

Advert A – Service Manager Job

You will be involved in the day to day management of Customer Support processes and the support team, to include commissioning engineers conducting site visits on a global basis.

You will also be asked to attend production and supply meetings to expedite product availability to meet promised customer delivery dates.

Your responsibilities will include the following;

* Manage service levels and customer relationships
* Act as primary point of contact for all service and repair enquiries
* Handle escalated customer complaints
* Manage production and supply issues to meet customer delivery dates
* Act as main point of contact for agency products
* Manage day to day activities of the Customer Service Team
* Plan technical staff availability to meet commissioning, service and repair works.

What do you need in becoming the successful Customer Service Manager?

* The job holder will have previous Customer Service experience within an Electronic/Engineering sector, ideally within the marine industry (Military/Civilian)
* The job holder will have an engineering background and at least 5 years’ experience within a high service level, customer orientated business

We are interviewing immediately so if you meet the above criteria then please apply now! 

You Must, You Will, You should be grateful to even be considered.

It’s more than likely that you’d pass on that opportunity.

However, spend a little more time working on the advert, highlighting why this person might want to initiate contact with your business and what you’d be able to offer them that they are not currently getting, and you may end up with something a bit more like this:

Advert B – Service Manager Job

Imagine working for a small company with energy, a relaxed working environment and a flat management structure. But now imagine a company with big aspirations, and big ideas. You won’t just be working here, you’ll become part of the enterprise. You’ll spend 6 months getting a thorough handover and then spend the future building teams, building the business and building your own role into something really special. We are known for our profound and provocative thinking. Join us. 

We have been supplying, installing and maintaining commercial security systems since the 90s. We still have a close-knit small company feeling but, having performed solidly through the global downturn, we’re looking to invest and grow. This success is largely down to our friendly, multi-skilled and driven people. We are not tied to a particular service or technology but provide customised solutions to meet client requirements . Our reputation is built on providing sound and trusted advice to our customers.

This role combines many skills, skills that are often seen as conflicting. Striking a great balance will mark you out as a go-to person for the whole business – a potential future leader. You’ll juggle the demands of technical knowledge with soft customer-facing skills. You’ll need to have a rare blend of big ideas and the patience to see through the details. You’ll need to be hands-on and lead by example, but also able to delegate. You’ll be an inspirational leader but also able to set KPIs and manage the performance of the team. You’ll be equally focused on the customer, the commerciality, the team and the wider business. It’s tough, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

We need you to bring technical knowledge such as systems expertise, programming, functionality, component and construction, certification standards, and quality standards. Alongside this we’re looking for business management skills such as Key Account management, contract compliance, targets and commission, training and support, maintaining databases and customer contact. You’ll combine these skills with your ability to manage the team, deliver performance and salary reviews, train, empower and inspire the front-line. This is a unique opportunity for a unique individual . 

Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you think that advert B may compel someone not active to apply?
  • Do you feel it would be worth investing some time on this within your business to achieve a better result?
  • Would you put hiring the right staff as one of the top 3 reasons why your business will either achieve or not achieve its objectives?

Job advertisements, particularly within less “sexy” industries, are seen as procedural; a necessary part of the hiring process, a job spec for the candidates, a way to let people know you are hiring. The truth is that they’re much more important, and the first impression any top quality security candidate will have about your company and security job role. Spending more time on your adverts and writing them in a way that will convey the company and role whilst selling it to the best possible candidates will not only increase the likelihood of you attracting that “A-player” within the security market but save you time and money within the process.

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Please feel free to get in touch with me to find out more about better attracting the best in the market towards your security team or how we can help you with writing better job ads through our use of copywriters and understanding of the market. You can also find our more about our services and how we do it by downloading our Eligo Fire & Security Recruitment Brochure.