Eligo Technology News Round Up 26/08/2016


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Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 26/08/2016






Scientists have 3D printed tissue implants

Scientists from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have developed a prototype printer that that prints tissue sections of the human body. The aim is to one day use the 3D printer to print tissue that will be designed to fit a person’s unique condition. The printer is adapted from an existing desktop inkjet printer, with human cells placed into the printers’ inkwells which are then produced to create the desired tissue form.

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(ZD Net) 23/08/16


Cambridge Innovation Capital raises £75m to invest in UK tech startupsView of Cambridge

After raising an incredible amount of funding for startups, the Cambridge Innovation Capital aims to use the £75m to support its current portfolio, expand its team and invest in new opportunities created by the University of Cambridge. The CIC was founded in 2013 with an initial £50m and has already invested £33m across 13 companies.

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(Tech City News) 22/08/16


Google releases new Android Nougat   

On Monday Google released its latest operating system Android Nougat, which will first be delivered to Nexus users, with Android 7.0’s source code also to be released to the Android Open Source Project. Android Nougat has more than 250 features which include a virtual reality mode, a new JIT/AOT compiler, support for Vulkan, multi-window support and direct reply capabilities.

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(SD Times) 22/08/16


Eligo Technology Attends YAPCEU::2016

This week saw the return of the biggest Perl conference in Europe, YAPC::EU, dedicated to the Perl programming language. Eligo technology flew across to Cluj-Napoca with our trademark pink stand to proudly sponsor the event. The conference started on Wednesday the 24th and was packed full of great presentations and workshops. This included Eligo’s Rick Deller Eligo offering his own Perl(s) of wisdom by presenting one of his RicksTalks series that gave an overview of the tech market, as well as a Q&A about jobs in Perl.  The conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet people in the industry and get further insight into the Perl community. Eligo technology look forward to attending again next year!