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Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 19/08/2016




DevOps fails to reduce security flaws in code quality

TVP Strategy an analyst organisation that reports on virtualization and cloud trends, has reported this week that DevOps is failing to reduce its security flaws in code quality. The report has been released following ongoing research that has found DevOps is not so good at identifying potential security flaws.

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(SD Times) 12/08/2016


London Tech Scene remains positive after Brexit

The London tech scene has shown to remain positive despite the ‘temporary’ Brexit setback, with previous fears that its position as the digital capital of Europe would be lost, research now shows that investment into London and UK based tech companies remains strong since the country’s vote to leave the UK.

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(Forbes) 19/08/2016



Tatto tech turns skin into an interface

MIT media Lab have created transfer tattoos that operate as interfaces for smartphones and other devices. The temporary tattoo technology, Duo Skin, was inspired by metallic flash tattoos and have endless applications with three classes of DuoSkin that can function as as input, output and communication devices.

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(Popular Mechanics) 13/08/2016


UK Healthcare platform receives funding to improve lives of cancer patients 

Live Better With is a curated healthcare platform that seeks to improve the daily lives of cancer patients and has just closed a $2m late seed funding found. The money will be used to expand its services across the world and the Live Better With CEO believes that “the investment will help us reach more people living with cancer as soon as possible”.

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(Tech City News) 15/08/2016)


Eligo has been nominated for ‘Employer of the year’!

Following last year’s success at the Merton Best Awards winning Best Business and Best Enterprising Business, Eligo has been be selected this year as finalists for ‘Employer of the year’. We’re especially proud of the nomination following our continued efforts to making working at Eligo better than ever. Our approach to training, development, support, rewards, and management practices is continually evolving, and reaping benefits amongst the staff here!   Read more here

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