Introducing Eligchlo : Eligo’s New Technology Marketing Assistant


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At Eligo Technology we are always looking for innovative ways to be at the forefront of the technology recruitment sector. We found that in the current market, recruiters are needed to also wear a marketing hat to effectively attract high-calibre candidates.

So we got someone in who can wear that hat for us… introducing Chloe Pearson who has joined Eligo as a Technology Marketing Assistant, bringing with her a wealth of experience and skill in Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, and Public Relations.

Previously working for consumer and corporate brands in a creative agency, Chloe has joined to support our Eligo Technology team of talented consultants and help expand client and candidate reach across the Open Source Technology market.

We believe that utilising marketing within our recruitment process can be achieved many ways;

The right message
An important aspect of using marketing is creating the right message that is bespoke to individual companies. We work with our clients from small tech start-ups to leading industry brands, helping them shape their message to reach out to high quality and talented technology candidates.

Utilising Social Media
With every man and his dog on social media, networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be another great medium to target and source tech candidates. We believe that with the right social presence social media can be utilised to extend our reach to a diverse mix of candidates and convey the Eligo Tech vision.

Candidate branding
On the understanding that recruiters are using social media to source tech talent, it is also beneficial for candidates to utilise it to market and brand themselves to prospective employees. We actively work with talented candidates to help them stand out in the competitive job market and match them with the right employer. Making sure they are showing off their relevant skills in areas such as Python, Perl, Java, iOS, and Android development in order to position themselves firmly ahead of the competition.

We pride ourselves on our involvement in the technology communities, particularly the Perl and Open Source networks and families. Attending events are crucial for staying up to date with the technology sector and getting to meet the talent that is currently out there, as well as companies that we partner with to build their recruitment strategy and target the best people in the market. I have also been fortunate to present at many technology events, advising and helping prospective technology candidates position themselves effectively in their respective markets.

We are excited to welcome Chloe to Eligo, as she will be adding an extra edge to the technology team using marketing to support and position us at the lead of the technology recruitment sector.
Chloe has also taken over the Eligo Technology Twitter handle and can be seen tweeting at the aptly named account…@Eligchlo. Follow for news and updates about technology and recruitment sectors.

Eligo Technology are a dedicated team of technology consultants who are market leaders within their specific areas including Developer & Open Source Recruitment. For more information about the Technology team and jobs available visit our page here.