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Over the years social media has shown to be an effective tool in attracting and sourcing the brightest tech talent out there; with nine out of ten companies using some form of social media to attract, engage and source candidates.

You will already know that having a good social media presence can only mean good things for business in the tech sector (unless you’ve failed at social media like these sorry folk) but by adding a few of these tips to your social media strategy you could increase your chances of attracting top tech talent to your company.


Brand yourself clearly and successfully

You may be doing a great job in printed branding and even your website, but your company brand extends across the social sphere with Linkedin one of the most important sites to consider. LinkedIn is a great professional platform for candidates and companies to screen each other and for businesses looking to attract tech talent, and it is important that you present yourselves in a good light for the industry, as Justine Healey from Launchpad says that;

“In this new transparent climate in which everyone is looking at everybody, companies can no longer afford to slack on maintaining their online presence on LinkedIn. In order to compete, employers must ensure company profiles are up to scratch.”

Even passive candidates tend to follow companies of interest on LinkedIn, so keeping an up to date company profile can go a long way in possibly turning a passive candidate in to an active one. To compete with other companies in your industry, branding is essential by sharing information about your brand, product and its services. Read more on using your employer brand to attract tech talent here.


Presenting Company Culture

Company branding also applies to being transparent with your company’s culture to attract tech talent that is a great fit for you.

Utilising social media channels to promote your company culture is the perfect way in the digital age to increase the possibility of candidates seeking you out. Not only will they seek you out, it is likely candidates will take a look at your social channels to get a feel of the company and also follow companies that interest them. Experts have found that “the differentiators for job seekers will usually be culture and reputation, and social platforms offer a great opportunity for businesses to bring these to life.”

Ideas for using these channels include;

  • LinkedIn- Promote your company values and goals by posting company updates such as blogs written by employees, testimonials from clients and employees and photographs from company events.
  • Snapchat- Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular video social platforms of the 21st century with over 55 billion monthly active users, and it can be used by companies to show a day in the life of an employee, by adding short video clips and photographs to your own personal ‘Story’.
  • Instagram- Similarly Instagram can be used as a picture board to showcase everything from your working environment, team events, and more, all presenting an enlightening view of your company culture.
  • Facebook- Inhibiting all the attributes we have come to associate with social networks, on Facebook you are able to garner reviews, likes, and interact with potential candidates and tech talent in a way that has never been easier. Set up albums of photos, post updates, engage with your followers, and much more.

Using these techniques is a great way to personalise your profile on social media within the tech industry.


Utilise twitter and its trending capabilities  


Don’t fret – we haven’t forgotten about twitter. Despite shouts of the death of twitter,it still has a reported 310 million monthly active users and an estimated 40% of employees in technical roles using the social platform. As such, it has often been touted as a tool with a lot of potential within recruitment.

As with the other social platforms Twitter is another useful platform to market your company’s brand. This can be achieved a number of ways from making your employees brand advocates on the platform, to following and using popular branded hashtags. Before using trending hashtags however, always do your research, and don’t fall foul like these bad examples!


Demonstrate that you’re up to date with the latest tech news

As a business within the technology sector you will already be pretty up to date with the latest tech industry news from Brexit to Pokémon Go, so by sharing and showing interest in new developments and technologies that candidates are talking about on social media you are more likely to get noticed and seen as a credible business within the market.


Involve yourself with online communities

By using hashtags in your twitter posts, you are also involving yourself in Twitter chats and can join in with conversations with other businesses, industry leaders and candidates on current hot topics in tech.

LinkedIn groups are especially effective for engaging in professional communities, both niche and broad. Follow relevant groups, engage, and participate and you’re likely to be noticed and accepted by many more active and passive candidates within the industry.

There are also popular tech groups and pages on Facebook, by liking the pages and engaging by sharing posts and events you can successfully involve yourself fully in the tech community.


Now to get started on your social strategy

So now you’ve absorbed all this information it’s time to get started on aligning your social strategy with attracting the best talent out there. You may already have a social strategy in place and a presence online, but to change your strategy to attract talent you will need to;

  • Do an audit of where your accounts are currently at and set in place goals for where you want them to be in the future.
  • If there are social channels mentioned above that you don’t have a presence on and think they would work for your company, then add them to your strategy and set yourself up.
  • Work with your marketing team on how you would like to present your employer brand and a framework to engage and empower employees. It’s important to know what your employer brand is and stands for and that it is agreed at all levels before projecting it to the world.
  • Decide on a level of activity that will work for your company, whether it’s posting daily or a few times a week, the level of activity will depend on each social channel as well as taking into account when the best times to post.

If employees are involved with your company’s social activity be sure to set in a set of social media guidelines. Whilst posting a picture of your employees enjoying a drink on a sunny Friday in the local beer garden is a great way to highlight company culture, a blurry image of drunken employees doing shots at the bar doesn’t convey the same positive image. There’s a line between giving an insight to the company culture and damaging your reputation as a business.


Don’t lose momentum

Keeping on track of your social media presence is essential to attracting talent in the long run, it might take some time at first but perseverance will pay off to attract the right tech talent to your business.

With a quarter of job seekers using social media to find a job, you can’t afford to miss out on attracting the brightest tech talent to your company and jobs on offer.

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