Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 22/07/16


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Featuring supplier news, product launches, events, our own articles, and more, read our Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 22/07/16



Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 22 July 2016



The future of biometrics

Biometrics remain one of the most accurate and restricted form of access control. Considering latest events in the world, a desire to adopt some form of biometrics increases. Fingerprint still dominates the biometrics market but other form of this form of access control are starting to gain their momentum. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global facial recognition market alone is expected to almost triple in size by 2020.

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(Security News Desk, 21/07/2016)

Smart Building and our health

With our busy office lives, some of us tend to spend as much as 90% of the time indoors. Smart Buildings market took notes of that and started to implement solutions that would benefit our bodies and improve our wellness. Fresh air circulation, smart lighting and green buildings are the future.

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(Memoori, 20/07/2016)

Credit card loss risk

Despite the fact that retailers has doubled spending on online fraud prevention, the situation has not improved much. This is still a multi-billion pound problem that affects businesses and customers. According to the UK Retail Fraud Survey 2016, our credit cards are at the biggest risk.

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(Professional Security Magazine, 19/07/2016)


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