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Rewind about 20 years (if you’re old enough!). Do you remember the old days when you’d be sitting at your desk looking through the post at the CVs you’d received that day having a little laugh about that chap who applied for EVERY single one you’d advertised in the local paper? ‘God, how annoying’ you’d moan as you wrote ‘no’ or ‘reject’ on his (many) covering letters.

Now move forward a little to the early days of job boards. Do you remember getting utterly swamped in applications from candidates all over the world who had no relevant skills and certainly no visa to work in the UK? That really was annoying. Having to ineptly at first, trawl through hundreds of emails to find the relevant ones. Luckily after a while we worked out how to cut down the number of totally irrelevant applications.

mobile job search eligo recruitmentEligo’s new mobile job search interface



However, in these mobile times are we back where we started? Not with desperate souls as in the 90s or with strange overseas applicants in the early 2000s but instead with thumb-happy mobile applications? You can’t help but notice that jobseekers want to search for jobs via their mobile devices, they also want to be able to apply. Not all job boards and corporate/agency sites are there yet but they will be. Is this leading to a sizeable number of candidates who make job applications on the hoof via their handheld devices when they are really not that serious about the roles they apply for? Are they filling time whilst commuting, waiting in the queue for lunch, even on the toilet (though don’t be taking any phone interviews on there!!!!)?!

I’ve spoken with one recruiter, who would like to remain anonymous, who wonders if we “need to bring back the fountain pen, quality writing paper and the need to think out a carefully written cover letter which has to be folded, inserted into a stamped addressed envelope and walked down to the post box – preferably through rain and a force 5 gale – to really test out the seriousness of the person’s job application.”

Jobseekers sure as hell want our full attention when we screen their applications; don’t we deserve theirs when they apply!

mobile recruitment eligo

It is now possible to apply for a job or register your interest from your mobile without a CV​