Tips and Template to write the CV to get you your perfect Mac Support Job!


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You’ve found your perfect Mac Support Job, or maybe you’re looking to move positions? What next? The time has come to write a mac support job winning CV. Here’s my specialist mac support recruitment advice on how.


It’s the first thing a future employer or recruiter will use to decide whether you’re a candidate they want, and you’ll only have about 20 seconds (if that) to enable them to do so. So when writing your Mac support job CV, it’s worth taking the time to really get it right!

The Apple OSX and Mac Support Job market is an especially niche one therefore it is important to consider this and tailor your CV throughout. A mac recruiter will see hundreds of CVs a week and can quickly tell which candidates really know about the market they are entering into and which do not. As such it’s important to consider the following areas carefully before you write your Mac Support Job CV;

  • The look and feel: A Mac Support Job focused CV should look crisp and clear not only to be aesthetically pleasing but to ensure it is easy to follow.
  • The structure: This should be logical throughout and clearly highlight your key selling points.
  • The style: Whilst visual style is important also consider the language, tone and punctuation which speak volumes about a candidate.

Once you have considered these aspects put them into action on your Mac Support Job CV following the below bullet points. These are each of the things as a Mac Specialist Recruiter I look for (and often reel at not being included) in Mac Support Job candidate’s CVs.

 How to write a Mac Support Job CV

The look and feel, layout, structure and style are all important in writing a successful Mac Support CV. The use of bold, spacing, alignment and bullets can really help employers quickly view the information that is important at a glance.

Sticking with a neat structure and starting with a professional profile that paints a brief picture of your career achievements, skills and experience will dramatically improve your Mac Support CV.

Make sure to include each of these within your Mac Support CV:

  • Profile and/or objective
    This is the first impression you give to a recruiter or employer, give your perfect sales pitch but keep it to 5 or 6 sentences maximum. Ensure it is well-written and punchy, identifying your expertise whilst keeping it Mac focussed throughout. Personality should also shine through. The reader needs to be able to quickly identify who you are and if you are suitable.
  • Mac and technical skills
    Remember that recruiters search on key words! Ensure repetition of the skills you want to be located for. List your Mac and IT specific skill-set including details of any Mac OS worked on (and if cross-platform – PC too). If you have a job description for the role you are applying for try to mirror the skills they have requested.
  • Career History
    Enter your career history in chronological order, giving emphasis to the most recent roles and less to the historic. Keep it brief and punchy, giving enough information to demonstrate your position without boring the reader. Detailing in a style such as the STAR Interview method ( will also demonstrate the key benefits of hiring you. If there are gaps, or lots of older roles without significance group these together.
  • Education and training 
    Employers will always review the education section. Include details of the qualifications and training you do have.  Including GCSEs isn’t necessary, however, if you do, simply state you have X number of A-C (or whatever is relevant) grades. Do however include your tech certifications, especially any Mac support job-specific certifications.
  • Inject some personality!
    Interests are important within the Mac and Mac support job market, showing the full dimension of yourself providing an image of yourself as a good company fit. Feel free to talk in lamens terms; it doesn’t have to be tech specific. Inject some personality, something interesting the potential interview can talk to you about is always good.

When structuring the above details it is important to be logical and follow the above order. If you have a mass of experience in the Mac Support field ensure that your experience comes first, however, if you are just entering the market, highlight your education and training along with your key skills.

If you are happy all the above points are covered, it is well worth asking a friend to or specialist recruiter to read through to check for typos, make sure it makes sense, and it fits with the role and company. Additionally, before you consider sending your CV to anyone, make sure you know your CV and the facts and figures you have included. It is amazing how many people will quote different facts to those detailed on their CV!

Take into account all these points and you’ll be able to write a successful Mac Support CV in no time and will be well on your way to securing your perfect job.

As an experienced specialist Mac Support Recruitment Consultant, I have put together the below Mac Support Job CV Template to help you on your way. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact for any further help with your Mac support job hunt or career (we’ll also be more than happy to review your CV for you).