You’re hired! Eligo launch Recruitment Apprenticeship Scheme


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Here at Eligo HQ, we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the Eligo Recruitment Apprenticeship Scheme in partnership with South Thames College, looking to bring on the next generation of Eligoids to continue to aid in Eligo’s growth and success as a leading London Recruitment Agency.

With the job market rising and a current skills shortage prevalent across multiple sectors, Apprenticeships have been widely talked about in recent months, with our Recruitment experts here at Eligo suggesting they could be the answer to a severe skills gap within the security sector, whilst the Government has pledged to introduce and commit funding to 3 million new apprenticeships over the coming years.

Our Recruitment Apprenticeship offers a whole host of opportunities for a current generation of millennials who are seeing increased tuition fees and living costs spiralling, and don’t necessarily see university as the first choice option after secondary education. Figures have shown that during their lifetime qualified apprentices will earn £150,000 more than those who haven’t taken the workplace learning route, whilst every £1 spent on an apprenticeship results in a further £18 being invested back into the economy!

In addition to those startling figures, an Eligo Recruitment Apprentice will work alongside our driven, successful, and fun Eligoids in our modern Wimbledon office, gaining job-specific skills and real workplace experience, with great opportunities to advance and forge their career in Recruitment all whilst studying towards a business qualification.

We love Wimbledon and all it and the local area has to offer; including its talent! As such, we have partnered with the local South Thames College, one of the largest further education colleges and training providers in London in order to offer our Recruitment Apprenticeship scheme. We believe this is the perfect partnership, and are excited by the opportunities this co-operation presents. The college is passionate about their Apprenticeship program and have aided us in crafting our unique Recruitment Apprenticeship scheme. The college is the ideal environment for our Recruitment Apprentices to learn with South Thames College recently investing more than £150m in their state of the art learning environments.

We’re looking forward to interviewing candidates for our Recruitment Apprenticeship scheme and are even more excited about seeing the journey these individuals will make into their career in Recruitment and (with hope) becoming true Eligoids!

If you are interested in our Recruitment Apprenticeship scheme and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look and apply here. Alternatively if an apprenticeship is not right for you but you would like to forge a career in recruitment, we are also currently recruiting for a Trainee Recruitment Consultants and Resourcers, for more info click here.

If you’d like to find out a little bit more about what it’s like to work for Eligo then take a look through some of our Eligo News articles, visit our twitter, facebook and youtube channels,  click here.