Sun, Sea, Sand, and Top Recruiters: Eligo in Barbados!


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Wish you were here!

The first half of this year has sped by, and it’s seemed even longer since we were asking you where we should take our top recruiters on our company incentive!

A lot has happened since then, with the launch of Eligo Academy, Eligo IQ, being selected finalists in 4 awards for the Merton Best Business Awards, and hosting our first ever local networking event during the Wimbledon championships! It’s been a busy and successful time here at Eligo, with the recruiters working extra hard.

The votes came in, and we had suggestions abound for where we should take the team on the incentive, with a few wild suggestions put out there as well. In the end, whilst we valued your opinions, the allure of the Caribbean and the beautiful island of Barbados was irresistible.

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Who’s that handsome chap?

Staying in a beautiful hotel right on the coast, we managed to get plenty of time to relax under the blazing sun, rewarding ourselves for the hard work we’ve put in over the last two quarters. Of course, we ate, we drunk, and we danced, it wouldn’t be Eligo without doing so. But we also enjoyed many other activities such as jet-skiing in crystal clear waters with some of our recruiting experts struggling to master the art of balance and tumbling into the deep blue!

With sun, sea, sand, and top recruiters in tow, an incredible time was had by all. It’s not every day you are able to be swimming with turtles one day, and snorkelling past 17th century shipwrecks the next! 


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The Eligoids at dinner

We pride ourselves on our Eligoids here and the bonding and ethos displayed between them. These trips are the perfect time for us to get in some out-of-office bonding and enjoy some relaxing time outside of the office. With previous trips including visits to Las Vegas, Croatia, Dubai, and Morocco, there are very few continents left for Eligo to take on, with the air miles racking up! If you’re raging with envy, or already envisaging yourself on the next plane, we’d love to hear from you.

For now, enjoy some more pictures from our trip and
have a great rest of your summer

We’re proud of our top recruiters and the culture and ethos displayed throughout our team. If you are a driven achiever, think you have what it takes to be one of our top recruiters, and are already picturing yourself on the next flight, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now


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