Rick Talks: NLPW15 and securing your perfect Perl Career


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Rick Talks has been going global over the last few weeks, as myself and my colleague, Aleks, attended NLPW15: The Dutch Perl Workshop in Utrecht.

The Perl workshop consisted of a day of presentations for users of Perl, welcoming Perl Mongers from all over Europe, providing a great opportunity for all involved to discuss Perl, it’s latest additions and day-to-day issues, as well as furthering their respective Perl careers.

In respect of this, I was proud to be asked to give a Rick Talks presentation on standing out as a Perl Developer, aiding the many developers in attendance to further or gain entry into their perfect Perl career. In particular, the talk focussed on interviewing for a successful Perl Career and the best strategies to stand out as a Perl Developer candidate. Read the slides below!

This was followed by a lively Q&A, as always, from the Perl Community in attendance, where I was happy to provide further advice and answer any questions surrounding securing a Perl Career in the current market.

It’s always a great opportunity and much fun to attend these events and engage with the Perl community. Aside from my talk, we particularly enjoyed conducting a prize draw for €200, as well as building kites and experiencing the very unique trampoline outside!

NLPW15: Perl Career Workshop

Aleks learning to build the perfect kite!

If you get a chance, do come to one of the upcoming events I will be attending where you are able to network with like-minded Perl Developers and get some advice from myself on your Perl Career!

I recently posted an article called Is Perl Dead?” Attending events such as the NLPW15, engaging with the Perl community first hand, and placing candidates in their perfect Perl Careers every day, I think the perfect message to end this particular RickTalks is that it’s loud and clear that…

Perl is Alive!