Security Engineer jobs on the rise as skills gap widens


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It’s a busy time here for the Fire & Security team at Eligo! We’re preparing for IFSEC 2015 and launching a new market-changing recruitment service, Eligo IQ.

We also continue to aid candidates gain fire & security engineer jobs, sales positions, and other roles within the industry, where the demand for skilled workers within these roles, particularly security engineers consistently increases.

Politics and Security

Parliament Security Engineer Jobs We were recently treated to a tour of a major government building following a successful Security Engineer job placement. Of course, the Political establishment have also been busy lately with 2015’s General Election having just taken place, which has had a particular effect on both the employment industry and the security engineer jobs market.

Discussing the key hiring trends for 2015 earlier in the year we pointed to an ever-widening skills gap emerging. Despite figures pointing to a significant fall in unemployment figures in the UK and a majority government boosting business’s confidence in the labour market (leading to a large number of security engineer jobs becoming available), this skills gap has never been more evident than in the security engineer jobs sector for us.

Is the Fire & Security Industry No Longer “Sexy?”?

We have noticed a major change in the candidates searching for security engineer jobs with a lack of a new generation coming into the industry and a workforce where the average age is increasing.

So what can be done? One suggested way for employers to combat this and a talking point on policy for the major parties is increasing the number of apprenticeships offered. Offering apprenticeships will not only bring in a new generation to the industry where technologies are consistently being updated and innovated, but enable employers to grow their staff with the company, leading to higher retention rates as well as other significant benefits.

Security Engineer Jobs

If you are currently looking for security engineer jobs, firstly rest assured that there are a number of available opportunities for you! Job opportunities and hiring can often be seasonal (as discussed here).

Following the end of the financial year in April, many businesses will have their budgets set in place, willing to invest and spend more for the year ahead and will be looking to take on new hires. With businesses also reacting positively to the result of the general election, this spending is also set to increase after a period of uncertainty. Additionally, applications during the current season are traditionally low, leaving now the perfect time to put you ahead of the rest when seeking a security engineer job. Location can also play a vital role in security a security engineer job with security engineer roles in London & South East becoming particularly prominent.

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As security engineer roles continue to grow, and the skills gap continues to widen, it is crucial that as a candidate and employer you think strategically about your employment.

Despite the skills gap, at Eligo Fire & Security we are excited about what is to come for the industry, continually seeing growth for the sector and the businesses we work with. We are also confident that the right candidates are out there, working with excellent security engineers daily.

We’re more than happy to discuss your career or recruitment needs and help you on your way to the perfect security engineer job. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! | 0208 944 4195 |