Rick Talks On Tour: Are You Attending These Technology Events?


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The Eligo Technology team and I pride ourselves on our involvement in the technology communities and networks that evolve around each respective user base, building lasting relationships whilst continuing to gain an excellent understanding of their needs. As such, we’re always excited to be a part of the events that take place within these communities.

These events are organised by industry enthusiasts and are excellent places to network, meet, and celebrate technologies and languages.  I have been honoured to meet many of these people as well as present at many of these technology events in order to help prospective technology candidates get the best foothold in their respective markets.

Check out my presentation on standing out in Perl development here

As well as participating, we are also fortunate enough to be able to sponsor these technology events to ensure their continued presence and effect on the communities they represent.

If you haven’t been to any of these technology events (or others, ask me for recommendations), I strongly suggest going.

We’ll be at the following events over the next few months.

Floss UK York
24/25 March

This is the UK’s only conference aimed specifically at systems and network administrators. It attracts a large number of professionals from sites of all shapes and sizes. As well as the technical talks, the conference provides a friendly environment for delegates to meet, learn, and enjoy lively debate on a host of subjects.

Dutch Perl Workshop
10 Apr

The Perl workshop is a day of presentations for users of the programming language Perl of all levels. There will be some of the developers who continue to extend the language itself as well as the many modules written in it and there will be professional users of Perl from many organisations. But also newcomers are warmly welcomed.

MK Tech Meetup
Apr 20

The Milton Keynes Perl Mongers hold a technical meet up a chance to hear talks on Perl and have great conversations

Dynamic Language Conference
20 Jun

The DLC is a cross-language event aimed at Open Source Dynamic Languages, we hope to bring together all the languages in an open forum to discuss and present the manner in which these languages approach and solve tasks at the cutting edge of development technology

YAPC Europe
2-4 Sep

European Perl conference

 Let us know if you’ll be going, I’d love to catch up with you there!