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From social recruiting and minding the skills gap, to going mobile and this year’s key periods for hiring: here’s our take on the key hiring trends in 2015.

As 2015 got off the ground we wrote an article about the job market for the year ahead and our best tips for finding a new job, with all indications pointing to 2015’s employment market to be the best since 2007. Each year, as technologies advance, the employment market changes, and a new generation (currently the millennials) flourish, the recruitment industry, companies, and candidates have to adapt to the these and the evolving hiring trends that emerge with them.

January and February have now passed, so we’ve taken a look at our performance throughout this period and gauged the thoughts of our team of recruitment specialists to give you our take on the key hiring trends for 2015 and how you can act on these.

Job Search January and 2014’s Hiring Trends

Traditionally January is a month crowded with an influx of job applications; with a New Year comes a want for a new start for many people. For us here at Eligo this January was no different. We put the statisticians to work to find out how January compared in terms of an increase in new candidate registration and advertised jobs to the average for each respectively. Here are the results;

  • January saw a 22% increase on our average of new candidates registered
  • There was a 13% increase in new jobs on our system
  • Over 24% of applications and CV uploads were completed via mobile

The final statistic is important, whilst it’s not entirely indicative of January’s job market performance, it is indicative of one of the major hiring trends that have been surfacing over the last couple of years.

This year is your chance to get with 2015, stay on top, stay relevant, and stay successful, by responding to last year’s emerging hiring trends such as the increasing competition for candidatesimportance of employer branding, and rise of mobile and social recruiting.

Below are our 3 key hiring trends to follow and adapt to in 2015, as well as a brief timeline of the key periods for hiring in 2015 and how you can use these to your advantage, be it as a client, recruiter, or candidate.

Social Recruiting to revolutionise Hiring Trends

Social recruiting will bring positive changes to both companies recruiting and candidates. For companies, it is now easier to get to know your candidate than ever before, whilst you are also able to make the entire application process easier and engaging too.

For applicants the rise of social recruiting will allow you to differentiate yourself – though it is important to remember that you must keep a professional demeanour – therefore it is crucial that you are signed up to and fully utilising professional networks such as linkedin. Read more about that here.

Social recruiting, whilst now a viable (and need to be used) tool for recruiters and companies looking to hire great companies, also allows the candidates to get to know the company, to see what their culture is like, to get to know some of the team, to know you’re constantly seeking to stay ahead of the game. Therefore the importance of company branding and an effective social presence cannot be emphasised enough. Social is a give and take relationship however, read here about how companies get it wrong.

Rise of mobile usage

Remember the Nokia 3310? Remember the first colour phone? The first touch screen? We know – it was only yesterday right? According to research the average person checks their mobile device 221 times per dayMobile is everywhere in our lives; your phone is your calendar, address book, music collection, social media manager, games console, notepad, and communication device all in one (and more). As phones have transformed our lives, they’re also transforming the way companies hire and the way applicants apply.

New Website Part of Mobile Hiring Trends

Eligo’s new mobile responsive website

A recent study by LinkedIn states that “72% of job seekers visited a company website from their device (whilst) 45% have even applied for a position from their device”. These are important stats to take in and the major hiring trend this year. For companies this emphasises the importance of making sure your website is mobile optimised and responsive and the application process is as easy as possible.

To demonstrate how important this hiring trend is, take a look at the figures below:

  • During the last 6 months over 30% of traffic to our website has been via mobile and tablet devices.
  • Over 24% of CV uploads and job applications have been made via mobile and tablet devices.

These figures were even before launching our brand new mobile responsive website which now ensures a smoother, more natural and easier process for anyone looking to view our vacancies, read our articles, or apply to a job via their mobile or tablet device.

Mind the (skills) gap

Worker supply does not meet current demand. With continued innovation, growing numbers of successful start-ups, and the continued shift towards technology, companies have to fight harder to recruit for skilled talent. 2015 shifts power to the candidate, leaving a candidate driven market-place, affecting both companies, recruiters, and candidates.

Hiring Trends - Mind the skills gap

For recruiters, current approaches such as active-recruiting are no longer sufficient; greater emphasis is needed on passive candidates. Even once a perfect candidate has been found, the importance of an effective hiring process is now more evident than ever. The hiring process must be managed effectively and speedily, selling both the company and the opportunity whilst seriously considering training programmes, development and progression opportunities, rewards, and more.

These not only play a part in the hiring process but also in the retention of skilled talent. For companies looking to retain top talent, Company culture will play a huge part (and that doesn’t just mean simply putting in a table tennis table and ordering pizza on Mondays). The importance of retaining skilled staff also sees an increase in counter offers being made. As a candidate it is important you know how to deal with them – see here – whilst as a company, again culture, opportunities, and rewards will play a huge part.

Seasonal Hiring Trends in 2015

Timing can be everything when it comes to searching for a new job or finding the right candidate. These are the seasonal and monthly hiring trends we’ve experienced throughout our many years as recruitment experts, and how you can utilise these to give you the advantage in your job hunt.

January and February

  • As mentioned earlier in January we saw a 22% increase in candidates registered.
  • January is traditionally busy for applications after Christmas and the New Year.
  • February can often be drifty, with that initial candidate enthusiasm wearing slightly.

March and April

  • Job openings within the private sector slow down as it’s the end of financial year and remaining budgets being used up.
  • This is different for the public sector as they may have budget quotas to use up before the end of the financial year.
  • The private sector picks up again in April, with it being a good opportunity to job hunt as there are fewer people searching during this period.

Summer Months

  • Though the summer months are traditionally quiet on the job hunt, they are starting to pick up.
  • Summer is usually a time when key decision makers as well as candidates are on their holidays, so the recruitment process can be slower.

September, October, November, and December

  • Recruitment picks up again as both hiring managers and job hunters become active again post Summer. Again these are traditionally busy months.
  • Whilst these hiring trends broadly apply to many sector recruitment markets, there are of course areas in which these hiring trends may differ.
  • Within the Medical and certain contract sectors, things such as public holidays affect these hiring trends, whereby availability during these times is not guaranteed and impacts on the recruitment or placement process.
  • To find out more about the medical contract jobs market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our medical contract recruitment specialists at Eligo Medical here.

Applying to permanent jobs outside of peak holidays when key decision makers are around, or advertising your roles during January where there is a busy candidate market can really put you ahead of the game.

Will you take notice of 2015’s Hiring Trends?

Whether you are a candidate, recruiter, or company it is important to be strategic in regards to paying attention to relevant hiring trends. Thinking tactically, adapting, and understanding the market, can gain you a huge advantage in your job hunt or recruitment drive. The job market and recruitment is constantly developing and it is crucial that you understand what is changing and why that is happening, and adapt to it, sooner rather than later.

We promise you, it’ll be the best thing you do.

At Eligo we ensure we review our data, industry intelligence and trends, and have an informed strategy and approach to working with the best talent in the market and successfully placing them with the right businesses. We take our candidate sourcing very seriously, making sure we are ahead of the game in terms of social recruiting and relationship building, mobile and recruitment technology, advertising, and more.

We work with clients and candidates to advise and help them present themselves effectively and secure the best opportunities. So whether you are looking for a candidate, new job, or perhaps would like us to give you a ‘health-check’ on your personal or company social media presence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. 

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