Happy New Job Search – 5 Steps to Finding a New Job in 2015


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Happy New Job Search – 5 Steps to Finding a New Job in 2015​

You’ve made it through Christmas – You survived! With the New Year often comes change, particularly in the job market. Whether you’re fed up in your current job, looking to head in a different direction or get a foot in the door, now is the time for finding a new job.

The employment market is ready for its best year since 2007, with January being the busiest month for prospective job hunters to find a new job with a large number of companies looking to hire during this period. Finding a new job can be tough, so we’ve pulled together our collective expertise from our top recruiters here at Eligo and laid out our 5 top tips for finding your new job in 2015.

5 Steps to Finding a New Job

1) Know yourself and set your goals

  • Consider your experience,  skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • Align these with the type of job you’re hoping to find, your aspirations, and goals
  • Utilise these to identify any barriers to entry you might encounter, as well as emphasising your key selling points
  • Realistically set your goals for what you’re looking for in a new job, where you want to be, and when you want to be there
  • Map out a plan of action following the next steps and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to finding a new job

Don’t forget: It is important to ensure your CV and professional profiles are kept updated.  If you’re not using LinkedIn, get on it.



2) Research the Market
  • Knowing the industry, market, and doing your research is the key to success
  • Stay ahead of the game and get to know things such as the level of demand for a candidate with your skill-set, the range of experience required, and the best methods of entry into your chosen market
  • Utilise company websites, industry publications, and various other sources such as specialist recruitment blogs

Top Tip: A leading recruitment agency can really help you in finding a new job, with specialist consultants who are experts within their fields happy to provide insight and advice on your chosen market

3) Work your network
  • Sometimes it really is who you know, with many top recruiters filling over 40% of positions through referrals
  • Be proactive in making professional connections, talking to contacts, old colleagues, and attending networking events
  • A recruitment consultant can provide access to a wide network and variety of opportunities. They know their industry and the employers, they have jobs, and are there to help you in finding your new job and will do so confidentially!

Remember: When networking whilst finding a new job, ensure you protect your current position and reputation by being discrete.

4) Stand out from the crowd

Helpful resources: 

5) Aim High
  • Know your own value and what you want when finding a new job
  • Always be open minded but have confidence in your skills and ability
  • You will be more successful with the right company and working a job you enjoy!

Stick it out: Finding a new job can be time consuming and tough, but if you put the work in and follow our top tips for finding a new job this year, you’ll reap the rewards!

 Happy New Job Search!

If you’re struggling in finding a new job or would like the upper hand in your search, Eligo’s team of specialist top recruiters can help! If you would like more information on finding a new job or a confidential chat about our opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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