Stand Out from the Crowd as a Perl Developer


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Stand Out from the Crowd as a Perl Developer

You might remember that Eligo Recruitment’s industry-leading team of specialist Perl Recruiters were recently proud to be part of the London Perl Workshop (LPW) 2014. In my last blog post, I discussed how much fun we had at the event. We talked about the latest developments in the industry and continued to build our database and network of top Perl industry figures. Since the event we have already been busy assisting job seekers gain their dream Perl job!

Seeking a Perl Developer career? Stand out from the crowd!

At the event I delivered my latest presentation as part of my Recruitment in Perl series “How to Stand Out as a Perl Developer”. I covered a wide range of areas aimed at helping you succeed in your Perl Development job hunt, including;

• How to stand out in a competitive market

• Differences in Interview process

• How to conduct yourself in a Telephone interview

• How to conduct yourself in a Face to Face interview

• Dealing with receiving an offer

• How to handle Counter offers

• How to manage your professional profile in the recruitment process

If you didn’t manage to attend or if you did and want to revisit myself in all my pink t-shirted glory and want to know how to really stand out from the crowd in the Perl Recruitment market –

Watch a video of the presentation below – 

You can also download the presentation slides as well as a variety of useful documents we at Eligo have produced to advise and aid you in finding the perfect Perl Developer career, including a Developer CV template! Just click below –

Presentation Slides
Developer CV template
Things to consider when writing your CV
How to prepare for an interview
Questions to ask in interview
Questions You May be Asked in Interview
How would you perform in a STAR interview

Find out more!

If you have any questions about how to successfully secure your perfect Perl Developer job, or would like to discuss the presentation further, I’m more than happy to speak to you on the phone.

Eligo Recruitment are experts in providing specialist advice and matching you to the right job opportunities, if you’re currently looking to advance your Perl career, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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