Eligo Recruitment Sponsor Local Football Team


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Eligo Recruitment Sponsor Local Football Team

As a top London Recruitment Agency, we always strive to be top of the league in Recruitment. There’s also a fair few of us at Eligo that fancy ourselves top of the league as the next Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, and Heskey, experiencing glory (and heartbreak) at numerous footballing events. It turns out we also have a Mourinho in our midst in Director, John (Jose) Doherty.

We love to get involved with the local community, it’s part of what drives our success. With plenty of experience in scoring goals for our clients and candidates alike, we decided to lend Jose Doherty to local U7’s team ‘The Wizards‘, offering up his tactical nouse and producing the magic needed to lead the team to local glory this year.

We’re also very proud to announce that for the forthcoming season Eligo will be sponsoring the team and following them in all their title-chasing endeavours!

With Jose on the touchline, we felt that we had to ensure that at least the team had a bit of style about them, adding a bit of the famous Eligo pink to the team’s kit. Don’t they look great?!


Leading Recruitment Consultants Sponsor Local Football Team

Most people eagerly await the Premier League big boys to show their stuff each Saturday.  Here at Eligo however, the office is all abuzz about what kind of spell The Wizards are going to cast this weekend, whilst wondering just how long it will take for our own Jose to proclaim himself ‘The Special One’. Don’t fret, we understand you’re hooked too, so we’ll be giving updates on The Wizard’s weekly performances across our social media platforms!

Watch this space!

Eligo Recruitment are passionate about getting involved with the local community and causes close to the heart of it. We’d like to wish The Wizards the best of luck and every success this season!

If you’re looking for that successful promotion in your job hunt, needing some strategic advice from our team of top london recruitment agency experts, or would like to be a part of our team, please don’t hesitate to pass the ball to us and get in touch.

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